Though we all know that prayer is important, we too frequently approach the Lord with prepared prayers. We pray to God for blessings, support, provision, and other wonderful things, and these are certainly answered; but what if we approach God with more Dangerous Prayer?

According to the Bible, God can be moved by prayer, yet certain petitions have a greater effect than others. He desires more for us than a meek faith and clumsy dinnertime customs. God has called you to a life of bravery rather than ease.


What are Dangerous Prayers?

Dangerous Prayers are more powerful and intense prayers that take you closer to God and help you realize your full potential and face your worst fears.

Go outside the comfort zone of “God bless me” and “Forgive my sins.” Imagine asking for assistance against invisible forces, demanding justice, and challenging God’s essence in prayer. That’s the domain of these Dangerous prayers—a powerful concoction of openness, despair, and a resolute faith that dares to stretch the limits of what we perceive prayer to be.


11 Dangerous Prayers Offered To God

1. The Sacrifice Prayer

Even if it’s difficult, sacrifice can result in spiritual elevation. This prayer promotes unselfish deeds for the benefit of others, giving people a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

Dear God, may the atoning work of your Son purify my spirit, fortify my heart, forgive my past, and bring me back into your peaceful presence. May I realize that my brokenness is healed by the holy sacrifice of your wounds May I perceive in you, on the cross, not only defeat and death but also life and victory.


2. The Purity Prayer

The process of purifying the mind and heart is transformational. By forcing people to face their imperfections, this risky prayer promotes spiritual clarity and a closer relationship with God.

Please, Lord, grant me the holiness and freedom from sexual immorality that I need to overcome my passions. Assist me in embracing the holiness that glorifies You. Please help me to avoid the pitfalls of having a sinful human nature.


3. The Compassion Prayer

It is transformational to pray for a loving heart. This risky prayer encourages people to view the world with empathy and cultivates an attitude of compassion and understanding for others.

Fill me with a generous and forgiving soul. Please, Lord, put in my mouth the words that others today need to hear. Please enable me to show everyone, especially the individuals I live and work with, Your unwavering care. I ask in Your mighty name, Amen.

4. The Detachment Prayer

It can be a profound spiritual journey to detach from ego and material aspirations. This prayer encourages inner serenity and spiritual enlightenment by pushing people to find contentment outside of material belongings.

Christ, please listen to us. that as we work toward the things that matter, we may become aloof from the things of this world. Lord, you have freed us by your death on the cross and resurrection. We can find solace and fortitude in Your light and kindness.

5. The Discernment Prayer

Making decisions while seeking heavenly guidance is a brave act. By encouraging people to believe in their instincts, the prayer of discernment helps people develop a stronger bond with their inner knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Almighty, magnificent God, Lord, light up my heart and provide me enlightenment, wisdom, complete charity, right faith, certain hope, and understanding so that I might obey Your true and holy command. Amen.

6. The Boldness Prayer

It can be transforming to turn to prayer for bravery and strength. A sense of empowerment and resolve is fostered by the prayer of boldness, which enables people to take on obstacles head-on.

In the name of Jesus, Father, I pray that I now receive that boldness. Because of Jesus’ blood, I am therefore brave enough to enter the Holy of Holies. I dare to have the audacity (courage and confidence) of unrestricted access because of my faith in Him; I can freely and fearlessly approach You.

7. The Repentance Prayer

Repentance is an invitation to introspection and change. This prayer asks people to confess their sins, ask for pardon, and set out on a path of spiritual rejuvenation.

Jesus the Lord, I am aware that I am a sinner and that I have often offended You. I think You died on the cross to atone for my crimes, and the only way I can get forgiveness is by believing in Your death and resurrection. I want You to become my Savior and Lord so that I can turn from my sin.

8. The Liberation Prayer

It takes courage to overcome the constraints that one has placed on oneself. The prayer of liberation promotes personal independence and authenticity by encouraging people to break free from the bonds of uncertainty, fear, and insecurity.

I have been anointed by the Lord to convey the good news to the impoverished, thus I am filled with his Spirit. He has sent me to herald the year of the Lord’s favour, to declare freedom to the afflicted, to proclaim sight to the blind and release to the imprisoned. (Luke 4:18–19)

9. The Surrender Prayer

Choosing to give up can have a transformational effect. The surrender prayer encourages people to give up control and put their faith in a higher power, which builds acceptance and resilience in the face of uncertainty in life.

Heavenly Father, I give you everything that is tricking my heart. I have faith in you to provide me and others with unwaveringly loving care. Now, Father, as I empty myself and give everything to you, I beg that you fill me with your Holy Spirit and all of your gifts and fruits.

10. The Broken Prayer

Recognizing one’s brokenness takes bravery. This prayer encourages people to face their weaknesses and accept the restorative power of humility, which promotes personal development and self-discovery.

Knowing that You alone are the source of my wholeness, I bring my brokenness to You today. On Jesus’ behalf, I pray. Amen. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).

11. The Abandonment Prayer

The prayer of abandonment invites people to trust in the way their life’s journey unfolds by submitting their will to a higher purpose. It can be a frightening but freeing experience that strengthens resilience and faith.

I give myself over to you, Father; do with me what you choose. I appreciate you, and I’m ready for anything you decide.


There have been no simple answers to these prayers. They haven’t promised comfort or offered tidy solutions. Rather, they have flung open the doors of perception, pushing us to go outside the box of traditional piety and engage in a dynamic, if occasionally tense, conversation with the divine.

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