The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by adorning your nails with enchanting Christmas designs? Among the myriad of options available, Christmas nail designs with glitter stand out as a dazzling choice, bringing a touch of glamour to your holiday look.

Christmas Nail Designs With Glitter

‘Tis the season to sparkle! Dive into the magical world of Christmas nail designs with glitter, where creativity meets festive flair.


In this guide, we’ll explore the latest trends, offer expert tips for a DIY masterpiece, and draw inspiration from celebrity nail trends. Get ready to elevate your holiday look with dazzling fingertips that capture the spirit of the season.

1. Silver Glitter Drip

Silver Glitter Drip


This manicure, which contrasts bare nails with a fine silver glitter, exudes modern flair.

2. Glitter Gradient

Glitter Gradient


Anyone can pull off the amazing full coverage, mirrored, glitter nail look, which seems to be in style this year.

3. Sequined Confetti

Sequined Confetti


This rainbow manicure not only demonstrates that, but it also makes us really nostalgic

4. Gradient Glitter Cuticles

Gradient Glitter Cuticles

When glitter nails are placed against plain-looking nail beds, they really pop. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these cuticles lined in gold, pink, and silver.

5. Moody Cuticles

Moody Cuticles

Even though we might not always feel quite as radiant, we don’t have to lose our sparkle. These moody cuticles are a darker version of the above. We adore how the short nail length counteracts the added depth.

6. Glittery Blast

Glittery Blast

This design’s greatest feature is that it’s practically hard to go wrong. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but this one looks like a blast from a confetti cannon. An abstract swipe of glitter anywhere on the nails makes it work.

7. Holographic Disco Ball

Holographic Disco Ball

What more could our inner disco diva want than a chunky holographic overlay over a shimmering base? “A pro tip for glitter application for full coverage use a clean makeup sponge to apply the glitter rather than using the brush from the bottle which would require more layers and may become too thick. After putting the lacquer on the sponge, press it onto the nail. Once complete coverage is achieved, apply a topcoat to bring out the maximum glimmer.

8. Shining Stars

Shining Stars

Who knew that a lone glitter star on every unpainted nail could create such a captivating manicure? We promise that if you choose this nail style, you will receive an abundance of likes.

9. Art Deco French Manicure

Art Deco French Manicure

For your next French manicure, choose a glittery negative-space tip to combine the best elements of both the traditional and trendy nail art. The glamorous framework gives the timeless mainstay an opulent Art Deco vibe.

10. Champagne Glitter Swoops

Champagne Glitter Swoops
This French manicure is traditional but has a subtle twist. If you look closely, you can see the subtle swoop that gives this glitter a distinctive feel that makes it feel new. “Shiny glitter lacquer, such as OPI Nature Strong in the shade ‘Glowing Place,’ can create the shimmery effect that makes champagne nails so popular right now.


As you embark on your journey to create stunning Christmas nail designs with glitter, remember that the joy of the season is mirrored in the sparkle on your fingertips. Let your creativity shine, experiment with different designs, and celebrate the holidays with nails that dazzle.

Whether you opt for classic Christmas themes or trendy glitter gradients, your festive nails will undoubtedly steal the show. ‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine!

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