As the festive season approaches, the desire for a warm and inviting atmosphere fills the air. Embracing a green Christmas doesn’t just mean the traditional colour scheme; it extends to an eco-conscious approach to decorating our homes. Choosing natural, earthy decorations not only adds a charming aesthetic but also contributes to a more sustainable holiday season.

From foliage to recycled materials, there are endless possibilities to infuse your space with a touch of nature. Let’s explore the wonderful world of green Christmas decorations that bring a sense of harmony and eco-friendliness to the festivities.


Green Christmas Decorations For A Natural And Earthy Feel

Discover eco-friendly and charming green Christmas decorations that infuse your space with a natural and earthy vibe. Explore sustainable options, DIY ideas, and foliage-inspired ornaments for a greener festive celebration!

Christmas decorations often conjure up images of vibrant reds, sparkling silvers, and shimmering golds. But if you’re looking for a more natural and earthy feel this holiday season, look no further than the colour green.


Green, the colour of nature, brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to any space. It evokes feelings of growth, renewal, and life – all perfect themes for the Christmas season. And with its various shades and textures, green offers a versatile and beautiful foundation for your holiday decor.

1. Decorate a Mirror

Decorate a Mirror


With pine cones, berries, and greenery, Most Lovely Things adorned the top of a decorative rattan mirror by the front door, echoing the natural Christmas décor components strewn around the rest of the space.

2. Gather Some Twigs

Gather Some Twigs


Whether you’re decorating for Christmas alone or with friends and family, gathering materials by foraging can be a fun way to add a personal touch and make the occasion unforgettable. These star-shaped window decorations from Most Lovely Things were constructed by cutting foraged twigs to fit and joining them with a hot glue gun. They also included berries and thread.

3. Display Evergreen Branches

Display Evergreen Branches

If your room is too small for a large tree, a little container with lush branches can make a nice substitute. It has a nice appearance and a naturally occurring Christmassy aroma. Try not to overdo it if you decide to hang decorations from the branches; otherwise, the display will become visually and physically cluttered. Select a few favorites, then make infrequent use of them.

4. Create a Simple Wall Hanging

Create a Simple Wall Hanging

Even though it requires a few store-bought components to put together, this cute star wall hanging from Delineate Your Dwelling looks incredibly stylish and trendy in your house.

5. Lay a Fruit Table Runner

Lay a Fruit Table Runner

Julie Blanner’s table runner has the appearance of an artwork from the Renaissance. While creating a centerpiece with greenery is a really easy idea, this arrangement also incorporates a few pomegranates for warmth and color. To vary it up, try different fruits like oranges or pears.

6. Add Greenery

Add Greenery

These candles from Musings on Momentum show that foliage may appear just as cheerful during the holidays, making it one of those decor components that just works all year long. Garnish a plain white candle (an LED version is advised to prevent accidents) with boxwood, eucalyptus, or any other readily available foliage, and fasten it with a festive ribbon.

7. Rock On

Rock On

Scavenged boulders from a stroll along the beach were utilized by Most Lovely Things to build a base for a Christmas branch centerpiece on the kitchen table that blends in with the natural holiday décor used around the house.

8. Dry Some Fruit

Dry Some Fruit

For many years, drying fruit—like oranges and apples—has been a holiday custom; this window hanging from Sashe shows that it’s still very much in style. Oranges are simple to dry in your oven, and the greatest thing is that they will smell amazing. Dried fruit can be strung in a window or hung from a Christmas tree together with pine cones or other foraged objects.

By embracing the beauty of green, you can create a Christmas atmosphere that is both festive and connected to the natural world. So go ahead, get creative, and let nature inspire your holiday spirit!


Incorporating green and sustainable elements into your Christmas decorations not only enhances the beauty of your space but also reflects a mindful approach towards the environment. As we revel in the joyous spirit of the season, let’s remember the significance of embracing eco-friendly practices.

Whether it’s utilizing recycled materials, opting for natural greenery, or crafting DIY ornaments, each choice contributes to a more sustainable and earth-conscious celebration. Let this holiday season be a reminder that small changes in our decorations can make a significant impact in preserving the beauty of our planet for generations to come.

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