The love that Jesus Christ has for humanity is so deep, it is deeper than the ocean. This is why Jesus said that no matter what you’ve done, He loves you more. In this article, we will be looking at his love is deeper than the ocean Bible verse for others who may not even understand this concept. Read reading

Analogy on Ocean

Ocean waters cover about 70 per cent of the planet. Water presses against a swimming person, fish, or other marine animals from all sides. They have equal pressure coming from all sides. That pressure is similar to what we experience while standing on land near the ocean’s surface.


An atmosphere is the unit of measurement for this pressure. An expression is a measuring unit. At sea level, it’s the weight of Earth’s entire atmosphere crashing down on us. The air pressure decreases as you move up in elevation on land from sea level.

That’s because less air is pressing down on you from above. Some rivers run so quickly that they may sweep you away even as you believe you can safely cross them.


His Love is Deeper Than The Ocean Bible Verse

Love is rooted as the most accurate way to describe God. Our desire to assist others grows as we obediently serve God more. We grow to love God more and more as we assist others, and so on. We are unable to fully define God in terms of what he is. We are able to accomplish this because he has shown himself to us via his Word, and he also uses his Spirit to open our eyes to that Word.

Psalm 36:5-6 KJV

Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.6 Thy righteousness is like the great mountains; thy judgments are a great deep: O Lord, thou preservest man and beast.


Psalm 36:5-7 KJV

Love is rooted as the most accurate way to describe God. This passage describes the amazing grace and faithfulness of Yahweh. We learn about God’s righteousness, which is as high as the mountains and as deep as the seas, in contrast to covert deception and wickedness.


This amazing grace is explained in John 3:16 that whoever receives and believes shall be saved. that it is given to all men not just to the Jews. His love is more, greater than our understanding and our fears. How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!

His Love For You is Deeper Than The Ocean Bible Verse

According to estimates, marine photosynthesis accounts for between 50 and 80 percent of the oxygen produced on Earth. Oceanic plankton, which includes floating plants, algae, and certain bacteria that can photosynthesize, is the main source of this production. In fact, the ocean’s surface is teaming with photosynthetic plankton that has the ability to create more oxygen than the largest redwoods.

The ocean is life itself. The greatest demonstration of God’s love for us was Calvary ie the Cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus declared greater love hath no man than to lay his life for his friends. God’s love is unconditional meaning it is unreserved, unquestionable, unlimited, and unqualified.

Psalm 65:5-7 NLT

You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds,O God our savior.You are the hope of everyone on earth,even those who sail on distant seas.6 You formed the mountains by your power and armed yourself with mighty strength.7 You quieted the raging oceans with their pounding waves and silenced the shouting of the nations.-

Psalm 65:5-7 NLT

David’s psalm of thanksgiving celebrates God blessing His people with a bountiful land. David explained that God hears prayer and atones for sin, which results in bounty for His people. God also helps them with His supernatural power through the use of prayer and meditation.

God is the hope of “the ends of the earth” and “the farthest seas” in the psalm. The use of the verb “roaring” with the seas and the juxtaposition of the seas with the peoples give the seas a personified animation. The chief difference here, as in the Genesis creation account, is that God’s control over the seas is total.

Deeper Than The Ocean Bible Verse

Rick Warren in his God’s Power To Change Your Life stated that when the Bible speaks of God’s love for us and the kind of love we are to have for him and for other people, the word is always apage, signifying a commitment to act. Even though Jehovah is omniscient, His greatest quality is not strength or grandeur, but rather love.

Isaiah 51:10 NLT

Are you not the same today,the one who dried up the sea,making a path of escape through the depths so that your people could cross over?

Isaiah 51:10 NLT

Isaiah is inspired to pray to the Lord, begging Him to fulfil what He has said after being reminded of the Lord’s promise. bringing to the Lord’s attention His prior acts of strength and kindness performed for His people.

Egypt had demonstrated that it was a haughty, haughty country, yet the Lord had delivered them. Verse 10 makes reference to the Lord miraculously separating the waters of the Red Sea during the Exodus as evidence that He is perfectly capable of eliminating the barriers that stood in the way of His people and creating a route for their deliverance.

The request for the Lord to manifest His strength is now transformed into a prayer of gratitude Isaiah demonstrates his faith that the Lord will deliver His people and bring them back to Himself.

Deeper in Love Bible Verse

We are able to do this because he has shown himself to us via his Word and has opened our eyes to it through the power of his Spirit. The Bible says for God so loved us that He sent His only begotten son to die for us- fulfilling Scripture and taking away our sins, clearing an eternal pathway for redemption.

 Ephesians 3:18 NLT

And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.-

Ephesians 3:18 NLT

God loved the world so much that He sacrificed His only Son to be the sacrifice for the sin of the entire world, in that Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This shows the depth of God’s love. And His love ascends to the heights of heaven, where a redeemed heritage is preserved for us by the living God.

Bible Verses About The Ocean And Love

An object’s density is defined as its mass per unit volume and how compact it is. According to reports, a well-known density-driven current occurs where the saltier Mediterranean Sea empties into the Atlantic Ocean. During World War II, submarines used this current to enter and leave the Mediterranean without even turning on their engines. God tells His people that they should not fear because He has redeemed them. The metaphor represents the temptations of Satan that came over them and overwhelmed them. God will continue his love and care for them. His people are God’s workmanship, created by him unto good works.

Isaiah 43:2 KJV

When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.-

Isaiah 43:2 KJV

The prophet Isaiah is the writer of the book of Isaiah, and Isaiah 43 came after receiving prophecy from God. In the same way that God had spoken them to Isaiah, the Israelites received the words that Isaiah had recorded from God.

The Jewish people are being assured (when you pass through…)by God that He will be with them during their most trying moments, guiding them through them, giving them the courage to overcome them, and bringing them safely out of harm’s way. In Babylon, the Jewish people were held captive.

They had several hardships and were persecuted by people, who were symbolized by the streams, rivers, and fire. Some Jews had turned away from God and aroused His anger. The metaphor for these people reflects the devil’s temptations that quickly overcame them and drove them into a terrible condition of being cut off from God.

How Deep is God’s Love Verse?

Fyodor Dostoevsky stated that to love someone means to see him as God intended him. When Jesus was asked by a scribe which of the Ten Commandments was the most crucial. He should have said, “Thou shall not kill,” we would have assumed. Love the Lord your God, he just said.

Exodus 14:27-28  NLT

So as the sun began to rise, Moses raised his hand over the sea, and the water rushed back into its usual place. The Egyptians tried to escape, but the Lord swept them into the sea. 28 Then the waters returned and covered all the chariots and charioteers—the entire army of Pharaoh. Of all the Egyptians who had chased the Israelites into the sea, not a single one survived.-

~Exodus 14:27-28  NLT

Mark 5:28-29 gives a scenario of the woman with the issue of blood who pressed her way through the crowd just to touch Jesus. She by faith hath made up her mind that a miracle awaits her, and nothing more. After she touched Jesus, Jesus was not disturbed that someone hath touched her.

In the law of Moses, it was illegal for women with such ailments to be in public spaces. They were regarded as being unclean. However, when Jesus felt virtue hath left Him, he concluded the woman’s healing process, ‘; Daughter, be of good cheer; thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace’. That was love. How deep is God’s love? His love is deeper than the ocean. Oh, glory!

Is There a Feeling Deeper Than Love?

There is no feeling deeper than love. Love is the greatest. We are inspired by God’s love- the agape love. God is love. Why did God send his only begotten son to die? The answer is love for greater love hath no man.

Is There a Word Deeper Than love?

There is no word deeper than love. Love is the greatest.

God has given us the mandate to love one another. God asks us to love one another and to believe in the existence of His Son, Jesus. We already hold that belief.
Now, we ought to love. Along with the commandment to love, God gave us this love. God originally gave us this love before enjoining us to show love to one another.

Because God is love, we must love one another. The children of God are those who have love. Since God is love, those who do not love have not known God. God created love in us at the same time He created us.

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