Prayer Points for Deliverance and Breakthrough; Feeling stuck, weighed down, or like you’re constantly battling unseen forces? You’re not alone. Countless individuals seek deliverance and breakthroughs in their lives, yearning for freedom from obstacles and the opening of new doors.

Prayer can be a powerful tool in this journey, and specific prayer points can provide clear direction and focus. Whether you’re facing personal struggles, financial hardships, or simply a period of stagnation, prayer points for deliverance and breakthrough can equip you to break through barriers and step into your full potential.


Prayer Points for Deliverance and Breakthrough

Life can be full of struggles, roadblocks, and moments where we feel stuck. During these times, turning to prayer for deliverance and breakthrough can be a powerful source of strength and hope.

Here are some prayer points to guide you:


General Deliverance

1. Father, I confess any sin that may be hindering my breakthrough. Cleanse me with the blood of Jesus and renew my spirit.

2. I break any power of stagnation and delay working against my life and destiny. Let progress and forward movement be established in Jesus’ name.


3. Every chain of limitation and oppression, I break you off my life! I declare freedom and victory through the power of the Holy Spirit.

4. By the blood of Jesus, I sever any negative spiritual ties and agreements that may be hindering my progress. Let me be free to flourish in Your will.


5. I command every stronghold of the enemy in my life to be dismantled and pulled down. Let the power of the Most High prevail!

Specific Deliverance

6. Lord, deliver me from any spirit of fear, anxiety, or worry that may be holding me back. Grant me Your peace that surpasses all understanding.

7. I break free from any stronghold of procrastination and laziness. Ignite my passion and empower me to take action on my dreams.

8. Remove any spirit of addiction or unhealthy patterns that are preventing me from experiencing Your full blessings. Set me free in the power of your name.

9. Heal any emotional wounds or past hurts that may be hindering my ability to move forward. Fill me with Your love and restore my wholeness.

10. Release me from any negative generational patterns or ancestral curses that may be impacting my life. Let Your blessings flow freely through me.


11. Open the doors of opportunity and new beginnings in my life. Lead me to the right people, resources, and situations for divine advancement.

12. Grant me wisdom and discernment to navigate challenges and make decisions that will lead to my breakthrough.

13. Infuse me with Your divine favor and anointing. Let everything I touch prosper and succeed in Jesus’ name.

14. Release a fresh wave of creativity and innovation within me. I declare that I am a problem-solver and a trailblazer.

15. I refuse to settle for mediocrity. Ignite my ambition and fuel me with the desire to reach my full potential.

Protection and Sustainment

16. Surround me with a hedge of protection against any attacks of the enemy. Let no weapon formed against me prosper.

17. Strengthen my faith and build my resilience in the face of challenges. Let me not be easily discouraged or defeated.

18. Fill me with Your unfailing love and grace. Grant me the strength to persevere and never give up on my dreams.

19. Surround me with supportive and encouraging people who will celebrate my victories and help me through difficult times.

20. Thank You for Your faithfulness and promise to see me through. I choose to trust in Your timing and plan for my life.


Remember, prayer is a conversation with God, not a magic formula. Approach these points with sincerity, openness, and a willingness to act on the guidance you receive. As you persevere in prayer and faith, expect to see chains crumble, opportunities emerge, and your life blossoms into the masterpiece God envisioned. Embrace the power of prayer for deliverance and breakthrough, and witness the miraculous unfolding in your life.

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