Many of us find it quite difficult to maintain even a thin layer of lacquer on our nails. And how about using adorable Christmas nail art designs to paint your nails? Put it out of your mind! We have included quick and simple xmas nail designs ideas for individuals who are in the “I don’t have time for this” category. Whatever your comfort level, you may improve the look of your Christmas nails.

30 Simple Xmas Nail Designs

We’ve compiled a collection of Christmas nail art design ideas to help you get started, including snowflake accents, Santa-inspired artwork, and an elegant French tip. Luckily, nail stickers, press-on, and stencils make it easy even for those of us with the shakiest hands to achieve these looks.


1.Christmas Lights Holiday Nail Art

1 39

The cutest thing ever! Begin with a base coat that is neutral, and then add black “cords”—we adore the way these have wavy loops. Put on spherical or teardrop-shaped nail gems in a range of hues to serve as “light bulbs.” Put some nail paint on place of nail jewels if you don’t have any. In either case, the entire season will be radiant with your nails.


2. Holly Berry Christmas Nail Art

2 37

Simple holly leaves and berries decorating an accent nail or two makes for happy holiday nail art. Coordinate the berry color with the solid shade used on the other nails for a cohesive look.


3. Mistletoe and Berries Christmas Nail Art

3 44

Wear mistletoe on your nails and keep it near to you throughout the season! Here, berries, snow, and mistletoe branches are shown as dots on a pristine silver base coat. It need some patience to do this one. We recommend using a toothpick to sketch the foliage and a nail dotting set for the snow and berries.


4. Santa Baby Christmas Nail Art

4 39

Thanks to a drip and some dots, this red-tipped manicure turns into a Santa hat masterpiece.

5. White Poinsettias Christmas Nail Art

5 42

Try your hand at painting your nails with Christmas poinsettias if you share our passion for them. Apply a thick layer of your preferred polish first, and then use white paint to create a floral form. After drying, draw an outline in black and add more floral elements as indicated. Change up the hues if you’d like, but we adore how elegant this combination of white and gold looks.

6. Burgundy Mani Christmas Nail Art

6 16

For a winter manicure, rich red nails are a great option if you want to be festive without going overboard. This highly glossy gel color adds a little touch of glitz.

7. Plaid Tidings Christmas Nail Art

6 17

This nail art design, which was inspired by plaid jumpers and ribbons, looks well with any color scheme. The deep green and gold fit extremely well along with the accent nail of the Christmas tree.

8. Reindeer in the Snow Christmas Nail Art Idea

7 19

Shop nail stamps or nail stickers to achieve this holiday sweater-inspired nail art. We love the cheery red base color, but blue or green would be fun, too!

9. Evergreen Berries French Manicure Christmas Nail Art

9 14

Take a French manicure to holiday heights by adding a neat row of evergreen leaves and berries.

10. Cotton Candy Cane Christmas Nail Art

10 11

Reminiscent of the sweetest Christmas confections, this cotton candy-inspired color palette features snowflakes and candy cane stripes.

11. Frosty the Snowman Christmas Nail Art Idea

11 7

We’re more than a little obsessed with this adorable Frosty for winter nail art! Snowdrift tips and white dots for snow complete the look.

12. Glitter Tips Christmas Nail Art

12 4

Add glittery tips for a slightly snazzy upgrade to a rosy red manicure. Coat glitter polish in the area you want extra sparkle. Let dry in between coats and build closer to the tips as shown.

13. Holly Jolly Christmas Nail Art

13 3

At first glance, this Christmas holly nail art design looks complicated. But once you break it down, it’s actually very simple. Start with a white or other light-colored base. Paint on green leaves in two shades, then top with three dots of red polish. Finish off the look with two sets of thin intersecting parallel lines, reminiscent of a window pane.

14. Winter Blush Christmas Nail Art

14 3

Using peachy blush and white polish colors, this mix of solid nails and nails with snowflake designs is just as pretty as can be.

15. Snowman Face Christmas Nail Art

15 3

This snowman face design is super simple to apply to stick-on nails or to paint directly on your own. A nail dotting set makes this cute Christmas nail art design easy to pull off.

16. Baubles and Bling Christmas Nail Art

16 2

Stripes, glitter, and ornaments—oh my! A combination of glitter and matte polishes makes for the most creative holiday nails. We simply cannot get over the tiny bows atop the sparkly baubles!

17. Starry Night Christmas Nail Art

17 2

Quieter than most of the other Christmas nail art ideas you see here, this neutral take on the holidays is no less joyful. Start with a natural base, then top with white and silver stars. For visual interest, position the stars in slightly different spots on each nail.

18. Wintergreen Forest Christmas Nail Art

18 1

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or actually living in your own true winter wonderland, we love this design for the holiday season and beyond. Paint trees varying heights and layer as shown for a full forest effect.

19. Ice Blue Christmas Nail Polish

19 1

Jack Frost will be nipping at your nose—and your fingertips—with this fresh icy blue color. It’s perfect for any holiday celebration, especially for the new year.

20. Classic Colors Christmas Nail Art

20 1

Red, green, and white are the reigning colors of Christmas. Here, each gets its due—white sparkles like snow, red berries, green holly leaves, and a peppermint-like stripe, of course.

21. Glam and Glitter Christmas Nail Designs

21 1

A little glitter goes a long way! Here, long nail tips are embellished with just enough sparkle. We love how this glam look will last well into the new year.

22. Let It Snow Christmas Nail Art

22 1

Bring on the snow and the color! Apply a striking base color (green above, but bright blue or aqua would also look lovely) and then add red and white snowflakes on top. Variate the patterns and placement of the snowflakes on each nail for maximum visual appeal. For a quick and simple Christmas nail art application, try using snowflake nail stickers.

23. Go All In Christmas Nail Art Idea

23 1

When you just can’t make up your mind which design to go with, just go with them all! Each nail displays its own unique design, from stripes to glitter to candy canes. Select 3-4 main colors and stick with that palette to make your look feel cohesive.

24. Red French Tips Christmas Nail Art

24 1

This is a French manicure with a festive twist. The cherry-red tips offset the fun snowflake-inspired design on the nail beds.

25. Pretty In Pink Christmas Nail Art Idea

25 1

Forgo classic red and opt for a girlier shade, like fuchsia. It’s equally festive and feminine. We love this monotone look for shorter nails.

26. Hand-Painted Christmas Nail Art

26 1

This whimsical idea can be done at home if you have a steady hand. Just keep the designs simple and whimsical, and don’t stress about making it perfect. Try toothpicks for these tiny designs.

27. Hot Cocoa Christmas Nail Art


Find inspiration in a mug of your favorite drink for this design. The cozy brown color with sparkles is reminiscent of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

28. Bright Green Christmas Nail Art


We love this twist on the traditional Christmas color palette. Take inspiration from bright spearmint candy canes for this fun look.

29. Tiny Trees Christmas Nail Art Idea


You can have so much fun with this style. Paint on a white or other light-colored base, pick a palette, and get to painting on trees in all sorts of designs. Use tiny, brushes, toothpicks, or even a nail dotting tool to achieve a clean look.

30. Silver Bells Christmas Nail Art Idea


Icy tones like this light blue and silver glitter will last well into the new year. For a more graphic approach, alternate patterns, or pick just one glitter accent nail for a simpler look.


Every design perfectly conveys the spirit of Christmas without needless complication, whether you choose a DIY glitter gradient or a traditional holly accent. Celebrate the season with nails that, in the most subtle yet gorgeous way, exude festive energy. I hope you have simple beauty on your fingertips that brightens everyone’s holiday mood wherever you go.

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