Six Topics for Intercessory Prayer: Intercessory prayer, lifting the needs of others before God, is a powerful act of love and a cornerstone of a vibrant faith. Through intercession, we become conduits of grace, bridging the gap between human struggles and divine intervention. But where do we start? What areas of life call for our faithful prayers? Today, we explore six compelling topics for intercessory prayer, inviting you to join the chorus of voices pleading for God’s transformative touch in a world desperately needing it.

Six Topics for Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer is a powerful practice, carrying the needs of others to the throne of God. It’s a privilege and a responsibility—a way to stand in the gap and see God move in the lives of those around us.


Here are six areas where your prayers can make a real difference:

1. Intercessory Prayer For The Church

Pray for unity and spiritual growth within your local church and the broader Christian community. Ask for strength and wisdom for church leaders, for revival and awakening in hearts, and for the Holy Spirit to empower believers to share their faith boldly.


2. Intercessory Prayer For Those Facing Hardship

Lift individuals and communities struggling with illness, poverty, natural disasters, war, or persecution. Pray for comfort, provision, and resilience. Intercede for justice and peace for those experiencing oppression.

3. Intercessory Prayer For Leaders and Authority Figures

Governments, businesses, and organizations all need wisdom and guidance. Pray for integrity, honesty, and decision-making that reflects God’s values. Remember those on the frontlines of leadership, facing immense challenges and pressures.


4. Intercessory Prayer For Lost and Unreached People

Millions across the globe haven’t heard the gospel. Pray for open hearts and receptive ears, for boldness and clarity in the work of missionaries and evangelists, and for God’s Word to spread and bring new believers to Christ.

5. Intercessory Prayer For Personal Needs of Others

Be specific in your prayers for individuals you know. Lift those facing challenges like family difficulties, job loss, addiction, or emotional struggles. Pray for healing, restoration, and God’s intervention in their lives.


6. Intercessory Prayer For Yourself

Don’t neglect your own need for prayer. Be honest with God about your weaknesses, anxieties, and desires. Ask for strength, wisdom, and direction for your own life and ministry.

Remember, intercessory prayer is a journey, not a destination. Start with these six topics as a springboard, but let the Holy Spirit guide you as you listen and respond to the needs around you. As you stand in the gap for others, your prayers have the power to change lives and bring God’s glory into the world.

Here are some additional tips for intercessory prayer:

Be specific: General prayers are good, but specific prayers have more impact. Name names, mention particular needs, and visualize the desired outcome.

Pray from the heart. Be genuine and open with God. Share your emotions and burdens as you intercede for others.

Believe in the power of prayer. Faith is essential. Trust that God hears and answers your prayers, even if the answer doesn’t come in the way you expect.

Persist in prayer. Don’t give up easily. Remember the example of Elijah, who prayed seven times for rain (1 Kings 18).

Combine prayer with action: Prayer can be powerful, but it’s often meant to accompany, not replace action. Do what you can to help those in need while entrusting them to God in prayer.


Let these six intercessory prayer topics spark a fire within you, igniting a passion to hold others in your heart and elevate their needs to the God who hears and answers. Remember, your prayers have the power to change lives, mend brokenness, and usher in hope where darkness once resided. Open your heart, raise your voice, and pray, for it is in interceding for others that we, too, are blessed and transformed.

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