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Job type: full-time


  • Stock options

Join Us in Building a Better Financial Future for Every Canadian.


At Neo, our goal is to provide every Canadian with a more fulfilling financial experience. Not everyone is cut out for the fast-paced, high-energy life of a rapidly growing tech startup.

Neo is a passionate and purposeful workplace because of its high-achieving workforce, which includes brilliant engineers and world-class creative thinkers. Neo is one of the fintech companies in Canada with the fastest growth rates, having gained tremendous traction since its founding in 2019.

  • Top Startup on LinkedIn in Canada.
  • The best credit cards and mobile apps
  • The best credit card in Canada
  • 700+ person team
  • Over a million clients in three years
  • 11K+ retail associates

High Performance at Neo

Our hiring, recruiting, and company culture are centered around these qualities:

  • Teamwork: In both good and bad times, we support, encourage, trust, and respect one another. Not only are we doing this for ourselves, but also for the people we work with and, in the end, for our clients.
  • Ownership: We go above and beyond to complete the tasks that are necessary because we are all invested in Neo’s success. We hold ourselves accountable for keeping our word to partners, clients, and coworkers. When we fall short, we find a way to do better in the future.
  • Professional Integrity: We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity because we are asking millions of Canadians to entrust us with their hard-earned money.

The role

To oversee several teams, Neo Financial is seeking a full-time Director of Software Development. Together with software developers, you will collaborate closely to develop team performance, coaching, people leadership, and corporate culture. Additionally, directors oversee strategic initiatives and encourage change throughout the whole company. As an engineer at Neo, you will have the ability to implement your ideas and influence the department’s development.


What you’ll be doing

  • Building: Through hiring, retaining, coaching, and finding ways to do more with less, you can help Neo become a premier engineering organization. To maintain team alignment, set the pace and involve engineering, product, and other pertinent business stakeholders.
  • Inspiring: You will encourage groups by establishing objectives, outlining expectations, and assisting in the clarification and management of a rapidly evolving organization’s priorities. In your pursuit of excellence, you will endeavor to establish objectives for both individuals and groups, and more crucially, you will hold them responsible.
  • Iterating: As Neo strives to continuously enhance the caliber, dependability, and effectiveness of software delivery, you are a change agent who will advance and refine current engineering practices.

Who we are looking for?

  • Current or former developers, architects, or engineers who have experience managing and leading agile technology teams
  • Humble leaders who build through service but who are not afraid to speak up, provide feedback, or hold teammates accountable
  • Builders who have experience building and growing larger teams through continuous recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training
  • Achievers who aren’t happy with an average team and genuinely want to build the best software development team in Canada
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in Canada and willing to relocate to Calgary, AB

Working at Neo

Becoming a member of Neo means taking a risk on yourself and realizing your full potential. As a group and as individuals, we consistently push one another to perform at the highest level. We are accelerating change by giving you countless chances to get better at what you do, learn new things, and come up with fresh approaches to challenging issues. Fast professional advancement and ongoing learning opportunities result from this.

Those that thrive at Neo are industrious, resourceful, and driven to succeed. We have high expectations of ourselves because we are working toward a worthwhile goal: improving financial services. Continue reading if that is what you are searching for.

We support, believe in, and value one another. To achieve this, you should have open discussions, receive constructive criticism frequently, and collaborate with individuals who encourage you to reach your full potential. Our organization is rapidly changing, our team members collaborate in person, and the rate of advancement is not suitable for everyone. That’s why we’re looking for change-makers who love a challenge—who would rather blaze a trail through uncertainty than travel a well-paved road.

Through stock options, our team members have significant ownership in the business, so everyone who contributes to Neo’s growth gains from its success. Moreover, you will be assuming greater responsibility than you did at your previous employment. We are focused on doing whatever it takes to fulfill our mission; we are not preoccupied with job titles or hierarchies.

Apply with Us

Equal opportunity is something we strongly believe in, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone can prosper. Successful applicants for this position will be subject to a security screening that includes a credit and criminal background check because we are trusted by our customers with their money.

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