Have you encountered a question like ” Who is Jezebel in the bible “? Jezebel is a figure mentioned in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, specifically Kings and Chronicles. She was the daughter of King Ethbaal of the Sidonians and the wife of King Ahab of Israel.

Who is Jezebel In the Bible And What Did She Do?

According to the biblical account, Jezebel was a devout worshipper of the Canaanite god Baal and sought to promote his worship in Israel, which was in direct conflict with the worship of Yahweh, the God of Israel. She is depicted as a powerful and manipulative woman who exerted significant influence over her husband, convincing him to build temples and altars to Baal and to persecute the prophets of Yahweh.


One of the most famous stories involving Jezebel is the story of Naboth’s vineyard. Naboth was a man who owned a vineyard that Ahab wanted to acquire for himself. When Naboth refused to sell, Jezebel had him falsely accused of blasphemy and stoned to death so that Ahab could take possession of the vineyard. This act of betrayal brought a curse upon the house of Ahab and ultimately led to his downfall.

Jezebel often symbolizes a wicked and immoral woman in religious and secular contexts. The name “Jezebel” has become synonymous with a woman who is immoral, manipulative, and power-hungry, even though the biblical account of Jezebel’s life is somewhat more complex and nuanced than this simplistic portrayal.


Jezebel is a name that has been synonymous with wickedness and evil for centuries. Her story is found in the Old Testament, specifically in the books of 1 King and 2 Kings. In this article, we will explore the story of Jezebel in the Bible and learn more about this notorious figure.

Jezebel’s Background

Jezebel was the daughter of the King of Sidon, a city located in modern-day Lebanon. She married Ahab, the King of Israel, to ally with their two nations. Ahab was known to be a weak and indecisive ruler, and Jezebel soon became the real power behind the throne.


Who was her father?

Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, the king of the Sidonians. Her mother is not mentioned in the Bible.

What Does Jezebel Symbolize

Jezebel is often depicted as a symbol of wickedness, idolatry, and immorality. In the Bible, she was the wife of King Ahab of Israel and is known for her attempts to promote the worship of the false god Baal and her persecution of the prophets of the God of Israel. She is also notorious for her role in the plot to kill Naboth, a righteous man who refused to sell his vineyard to King Ahab, ultimately leading to the downfall of the royal house of Israel.


Beyond her biblical story, “Jezebel” has become a term used to describe a woman who is manipulative, immoral, and generally seen as a negative influence on others. This negative connotation has its roots in the biblical account of Jezebel.

In literature and media, Jezebel has been portrayed in various ways. Some depictions emphasize her seductive nature and ability to manipulate others. In contrast, others focus on her ruthless pursuit of power and her willingness to use violence to achieve her goals. In some cases, Jezebel is seen as a tragic figure who is caught between the demands of her own culture and her desire to fit in with her husband’s people.

Overall, Jezebel remains a complex and controversial figure in both biblical and popular culture, and her story continues to be debated and interpreted by scholars and writers alike.

Who Was Jezebel In The Bible Married To?

Jezebel in the Bible was married to King Ahab, who ruled the northern kingdom of Israel during the 9th century BC

Jezebel was the daughter of the king of Sidon, a powerful Phoenician city-state on the eastern Mediterranean coast. To strengthen political and economic ties between Israel and Sidon, King Ahab married Jezebel, who brought with her a retinue of foreign priests and prophets who worshipped Baal, a pagan deity.

Jezebel’s marriage to Ahab was arranged for political reasons, and it was not a happy union. According to the Bible, Jezebel was a fiercely independent and strong-willed woman who exerted a powerful influence over her husband. She encouraged him to abandon the worship of the God of Israel and embrace the worship of Baal, which led to a significant religious and political crisis in the kingdom.

Jezebel’s marriage to Ahab was also marked by violence and bloodshed. According to the Bible, Jezebel was responsible for the murder of many prophets of the God of Israel, whom she saw as a threat to her religious and political agenda. Her actions ultimately led to her downfall, as she was eventually overthrown and killed by Jehu, a military commander who became king of Israel after Ahab’s death.

Jezebel’s Wickedness

Jezebel was a worshipper of the false god Baal, and she used her power to promote his worship throughout Israel. She also persecuted and killed many of the prophets of the true God, Yahweh, who opposed her.

One of the most famous stories about Jezebel is her role in the murder of Naboth, a vineyard owner who refused to sell his land to Ahab. Jezebel arranged for false witnesses to accuse Naboth of blasphemy, which led to his stoning. Ahab then took possession of Naboth’s land.

What was Jezebel’s sin

According to the biblical account, Jezebel’s sin was her promotion of worshipping the pagan god Baal in Israel and her persecution of the prophets of the God of Israel.

Jezebel is described as a strong-willed and influential queen who used her power to promote the worship of Baal in Israel, encouraging Ahab to build temples and altars to this god and introducing Baal prophets to the royal court. She also actively opposed the worship of the God of Israel and was responsible for the deaths of many of the prophets of God, including Elijah.

Jezebel’s actions were seen as a grave sin against the God of Israel and his commandments, which prohibited the worship of other gods and the persecution of his prophets. In the biblical account, Jezebel meets a violent end as a result of her sin, being thrown out of a window by her servants and eaten by dogs.

Jezebel’s Fate

Jezebel’s wickedness eventually caught up with her. She was confronted by the prophet Elijah, who challenged the prophets of Baal to a contest to prove which God was the true God. Yahweh won the contest, and Jezebel was forced to flee into hiding.

Later, Jehu, a general who had been anointed king, rode into Jezreel and ordered Jezebel’s eunuchs to throw her out of a window. She died on impact, and her body was left to be eaten by dogs.

How Did Jezebel Die?

The Bible also describes how Jezebel died. When Jehu, a military commander who was anointed by a prophet to become king of Israel, came to Jezreel, Jezebel adorned herself and looked out of a window. Jehu called out to her eunuchs to throw her down, and they did so. Jezebel was thrown from the window and died on the ground below.

Jehu then went into the palace to eat and drink, but he commanded that Jezebel’s body be buried, as befitting a queen. However, when they went to bury her, they found that dogs had eaten her flesh, just as Elijah had prophesied. This was a sign of God’s judgment upon her for her wickedness.


In the Bible, Jezebel is remembered as a symbol of wickedness and a warning against the dangers of idolatry and false worship. Her story serves as a reminder of the consequences of turning away from the true God and following false gods.

If you want to learn more about Jezebel and her story in the Bible, be sure to read the books of 1 King and 2 Kings. They provide a fascinating glimpse into ancient Israel’s politics, religion, and culture.

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