An elegant and pure white tip One classic nail art style that works well for both casual and formal occasions is the French manicure. But, there are plenty of contemporary variations that are ideal for the holiday season, such as French manicures with pearl, glitter, or gold accents. Thankfully, there is an abundance of adorable and Xmas French tip nails art designs available for Christmas.

Xmas French Tip Nails

Enjoy the timeless appeal of glittering metallic, classic red and green colors, or tiny snowflakes on your French tips to create a sophisticated Christmas look that combines glamour and tradition. Christmas French tip nails are a classy way to seamlessly incorporate refinement and the festive spirit into every action, creating a beautiful yet understated celebration of the season.


French Tip Nail Designs For Christmas

Look out for the best winter nail art ideas that’ll take your festive mood to new heights. From candy cane tips to swirls to snowflakes, this list of impressive manis has it all.

1. Ombre French Tips

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Take the current ombré trend and give it a twist by incorporating the idea of a French manicure—white tips with a nude foundation. Add a few snowflakes to the design to make it perfect for the holidays.

2. Red French Tips

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Use a lovely crimson tint to liven up traditional white tips if they seem a little monotonous. joyful and uncomplicated.

3. Peachy Sparkle French Tips

3 38


Just a gentle reminder that Christmas doesn’t have to be all red and green. For a subdued tribute to the occasion, mix it up with a peachy and sparkly tint.

4. Pierced French Tips

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The easiest approach to boost the impact of your tips without sacrificing the minimalist look. The possibilities are genuinely limitless when it comes to pierced nails. Some pierced manis have pendants or gems dangling from them, but sometimes they’re just tiny, plain hoops and stars drilled into the tip of acrylic nails.

5. Santa Hat French Tips

5 36

Without a doubt, red is the color of the holidays. Try keeping track of the remarks you’ll receive on this cute Santa hat design.

6. Pearl Studded French Tips

6 11

Simply add a few pearls or stones to a standard white tip French manicure to make it extra festive for the holidays.

7. Blue French Tips

7 14

Well into the new year, icy tones like this pale blue with the foil accent will be in style.

8. Green French Tips

8 12

Make everyone green with envy when you show up with these glittery green tips.

9. Flame French Tips

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This Christmas season, feel free to be a bit ferocious with your nails! Choose one or more accent nails and create a statement flame design that will grab attention.

10. Candy Cane French

10 7

Make your fingers look like candy canes with a swirly red and white design.

11. Neutral French Tips

11 3

For a playful spin on the traditional French manicure, try a neutral dual-tone design with gold lines.

12. Star French Tips

12 1

Stars shine brightly, stars shine! This artistic nail design, which draws inspiration from stars, is ideal for a classy Christmas gathering.

13. Glittery French Tips


Bling out your tips. Rhinestones or glitter will help you get your shine on in no time.

14. Diagonal French Tips


Another modern interpretation of a French manicure that’s simple to do at home. To create the desired design, just apply a clear base coat and use a dotting tool.

15. Brown French Tips


Chocolate is a must during the Christmas season. This mouthwatering glossy tip nail design will add sweetness to your nails.

16. Gold Double Lined French


This pattern is our favorite as it’s festive (due to the gold, of course!), more manageable, and adds flair to any ensemble.

17. Nude Double Lined French Tips


For a more subtle approach, try this delicate white over neutral base double lined French manicure.

18. Dotted French Tips


An enjoyable approach to embrace the Christmas spirit is with this design. Utilize a nail dotting tool to get the ideal pattern.

19. Chrome French Tips


This nail art is simple, but statement-making. Amp up the green colored chrome tip nails with rhinestones for a festive feel.

20. Blingy French Tips


This variant in white and gold, enhanced by a fully glittered accent nail, is our particular favorite.

21. Gradient French Tips


To replicate this nail art, take all 50 hues of green polish and paint each nail a distinct shade, ranging from dark to light.

22. Starry French Tips


Keep your blue nail paint out for the time being! Add some little stars to the basic mani to make it seem like Christmas.

23. Glittery French Tips


What’s the simplest method to make a statement with your manicure? Sprinkle some gold on the tips.

24. Minimal French Tips


For Christmas and beyond, try this simple nail art. To spice up the style, add some glitter to the French tips’ opposite end.

25. Plaid French Tips


You may wonder what kind of design goes well with high-heeled nails. Yuletide plaid! This manicure is kept interesting with fiery checkered tips and a splash of gold.

26. Black French Tips


Now is the perfect time to paint your nails with swirly black tips. Remember to add some gold lines to complete the design.


Christmas French tip nails are a classic and sophisticated way to show off your festive nail art. These nails elegantly capture the splendor of Christmas, whether they are embellished with snowflakes or traditional red and green decorations. For those looking for a little of seasonal charm, these patterns are ideal due to their adaptability and elegance.

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