In this article, we will be looking at bible Verses on delayed gratification. The idea of delaying gratification is a powerful metaphor for the attitude we should all adopt when we enter adulthood. It is tempting to slack up on discipline and indulge in momentary gratification when faced with a succession of choices that are largely devoid of long-term implications.

Bible Verses on delayed gratification

Proverbs 29:18

When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is joyful.-


Proverbs 29:18(NLT)

Once you do not take instructions either divine or from people who have gone through life’s journey before you, you are bound to fall into terrible decisions or mistakes that may not be possible to recover from it, but those who have guidance either divinely or by people will avert the destruction and will have a happy life ahead of them.


Exodus 32:25

Moses saw that the people were out of control, for Aaron had let them run wild and become a laughingstock to their enemies.-

Exodus 32:25(BSB)


The nation of Israel was to represent the Lord but if idolatry were permitted to continue, they would no longer be a witness to the nations. By purging the Israelite camp of the rebel idolaters he would also be reflecting God’s holiness and respecting that holiness.

Psalm 1:1

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.-


Psalm 1:1(KJV)

Happiness comes by choosing to walk on a righteous path even If it feels like it’s a lonely path because people choose a different path to walk.

This determination is directly connected to other people, we have to avoid the wrong kinds of interpersonal relationships. Your friends make all the difference in your life.

Proverbs 19:16

Whoever keeps commandments keeps their life, but whoever shows contempt for their ways will die.-

Proverbs 19:16(NIV)

You have great peace when you  love and obey the  law; nothing can make you stumble.” However, those who care nothing about obeying God’s Word pursue a dangerous, destructive path.

All too often, the consequences of ignorance and hard-headedness are dire. In a spiritual setting, these consequences can be eternal.

what the bible says about delayed gratification

The Christian life is a life of deferred gratification. Jesus teaches us to not store up treasures on earth, but to store up treasures in heaven (Matt. 6:19-21). We learn the value of investing in eternity instead of the fleeting things of this earthly life

Bible verses to pray against delay

Daniel 9:19

O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive. O Lord, pay attention and act. Delay not, for your own sake, O my God, because your city and your people are called by your name.-

Daniel 9:19(ESV)

Daniel interceded for his people in a way that is rarely seen in the people of God today. He confessed the gross sins of his people before the Lord and pleaded with Him to hear and to listen and to take action on their behalf. He included his own sins in his entreaties and intercessions, for Daniel knew that as a nation Israel had sinned against the Lord and as a nation, Israel must repent.

Psalm 35:23

Awake, and rise to my defense! Contend for me, my God and Lord.-

Psalm 35:23(NIV)

This is a prayer when you know that only God can be your defense especially when those coming against you have all it takes to bring you down. This is the prayer you make to God knowing that you are helpless without Him.

Bible verses to break delay

2 Corinthians 1:20

For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.-

2 Corinthians 1:20(NKJV)

The boundless love of God is such that His promises never fail in Christ, and we can rejoice with exceeding great joy and say Amen, to the glory of God.

Psalm 84:11

For the LORD God is a sun and a shield; the LORD gives grace and glory; He withholds no good thing from those who walk with integrity.-

Psalm 84:11(BSB)

Since God is a sun, he becomes a light to the blameless one’s path. It becomes apparent by reading His Word, that the Bible is the instruction manual for human living.

Applying in your life the commands and principles found in the Scriptures will enlighten you and you will know how to live a satisfying life.

Ephesians 6:12

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.-

Ephesians 6:12(ESV)

Christ gained a complete victory over sin, death, and Satan through His death, burial, and Resurrection. And Christ’s victory is ours by faith, for we are His Body and are identified with Him, and He with us.

The day is coming when Christ will rule and reign on this earth as King of kings and Lord of lords and Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit for a thousand years, but during this Church dispensation, we are engaged in an ongoing, spiritual battle with unseen spiritual forces of evil. We are members of Christ’s spiritual Body and our spiritual battle is against a spiritual enemy.

What is meant by delay of gratification

Delay of gratification is the act of resisting an impulse to take an immediately available reward in the hope of obtaining a more-valued reward in the future. The ability to delay gratification is essential to self-regulation, or self-control.

bible verses about gratification

Luke 23:8

When Herod saw Jesus, he was greatly pleased, because for a long time he had been wanting to see him. From what he had heard about him, he hoped to see him perform a sign of some sort.-

Luke 23:8(NIV)

Jeremiah 9:23

Thus says the LORD: “Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches.-

Jeremiah 9:23(ESV)

Clearly, Jeremiah rejected the worldly boasting of the “wise” men, the rich, and the powerful. There is only one basis for boasting, and that is to boast in knowing the Lord. Even this might sound like pretentious pride.

But in the context of God’s grace, it is not boasting in oneself but in the Lord.

Instant gratification bible verses

1 Corinthians 9:27

But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.-

1 Corinthians 9:27(ESV)

It takes great pains to conquer the fleshly inclinations of our body and make our body yield to the desires of our soul. Every believer must strive to gain victory over his sinful urges, because every time that our list and desire get a better part of us, it reduces and separates us from God

2 Corinthians 13:5

Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Can’t you see for yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you—unless you actually fail the test?-

2 Corinthians 13:5(BSB)

This statement gives a crucial perspective to all Christians: to think critically about one’s own life and walk with Christ. In this passage, Paul wrote that the Corinthians sought proof that Christ was speaking through him as an apostle (2 Corinthians 13:3).

Now he instructs them to examine themselves, instead. Are they truly in the faith? Not only does biblical faith involve cautious skepticism (Acts 17:11; 1 John 4:1), but it also means being honest and careful about looking into our own lives.

Self gratification bible verse

2 Timothy 3:2

For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.-

2 Timothy 3:2(NKJV)

We can compare this to the ideas of selfishness and arrogance; those who are ungrateful typically feel entitled to certain things rather than being thankful when they receive, they are angry when they do not.

Luke 16:14

The Pharisees, who dearly loved their money, heard all this and scoffed at him.-

Luke 16:14(NLT)

People who are lovers of themselves and wealth are always not happy hearing messages about giving because they are lovers of themselves and wealth. this is not the identity of a true believer in Jesus Christ.

James 4:6

But he gives greater grace. Therefore he says: God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.-

James 4:6(CSB)

Christians should repent and move close to God again. We should trust Him to provide, to be the Judge, and to lift us up in His time. In humility, we must acknowledge that all of our plans are dependent on Him, and He can change them at any moment.

Bible stories of delayed gratification

The story of Hannah is found in 1 Samuel 1 and 2. She was loved by her husband, Elkanah, but the Lord had closed her womb. Being childless, she vowed to God that if He would give her a son, she would give him to the Lord all the days of his life.

Every year Hannah would accompany her husband in worshipping and sacrificing to God in Shiloh. And every year, the other wife of Elkanah, Peninnah, would provoke Hannah to the point of tears by reminding her that she was childless. Peninnah had children and was making life miserable for her.

So one year at Shiloh, Hannah prayed to the Lord while in great anguish. As she was praying, Eli, the priest in the tabernacle, observed her. He supposed by her behavior that she was drunk and chided her to quit drinking.

She respectfully explained, “No, my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit” (1 Samuel 1:15). She then explained to him that she had poured out her soul to God in prayer. In the process of time, God answered Hannah’s prayer and she conceived and had a son. Because she had asked for him from the Lord, she named him Samuel, which means “asked or heard of God.

Hannah told Eli, “For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition which I asked of Him. Therefore I also have lent him to the LORD; as long as he lives he shall be lent to the LORD” (1 Samuel 1:27-28). This was a great sacrifice for a mother, to give up her young son, but she was undeterred in fulfilling her vow.

Sermons on delayed gratification

Delayed gratification not only produces a reward but also develops godly character. The Bible says in Galatians 5 that “self-control” is a fruit of the spirit. And we grow spiritual fruit from being connected to the vine, Jesus Christ, just as John 15 teaches.

You can only deny indulgence if you have a spiritual power source flowing within you… Jesus Christ, whom you actively pursue in a close relationship.

It’s through knowing Him deeply that we find everything we need and can live from this place of fulfillment and wholeness, not lack. Lack produces impulsive behavior but fullness produces patience and satisfaction.

Honor is given to those who put others’ interests before their own. It’s what Jesus did for us… He led through serving. He sacrificed His own life for us. And He was given the highest reward.

When you sacrifice your own needs, God blesses you.

He won’t leave you empty, the flesh wants to tell us to take what’s yours  but the Spirit says to wait, pause, pray, give

Psalm 119:11

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.-

Psalm 119:11

Know God’s word and your heart will crave it… and want to follow it… because you’ve tasted the sweetness of a love that surpasses all pleasure.

Fleshly pleasure will ruin you if you don’t let God crucify it.

Proverbs 17:21

Whoever loves pleasure will be a poor man; he who loves wine and oil will not be rich.

Proverbs 17:21

Don’t let indulgence spoil what God wants to give.

In Judges chapter 7, God had more to give to the Israelites who went to battle. But their own indulgence caused them to get distracted by their thirst and lost sight of the battlefield. They were not trusted to lead. So they were sent home.

Only 300 were willing to delay gratification and live by the Spirit.

Your purpose awaits you and you don’t want impulse and indulgence to keep you out of it.

Be patient to wait… prioritize others instead of yourself… and like the 300 who were chosen, you will step into your destiny and see God prevail on your behalf. God gives abundantly.

There’s a difference between indulgence and abundance. One is pure. One is impure. Indulgence is an impure action that stems from human flesh. Abundance is a Holy Spirit action given by a pure, perfect God. Abundance is a supernatural gift. But indulgence is a rushed impulse. One satisfies. One leaves you dry.

Rely on the Lord and you will experience abundance. And you won’t need to act in indulgence.

Jesus said, “I have come to give them life and give it in abundance.”

God wants to teach us how to enjoy what He gives, and not indulge in it for more, lest we ruin the blessing unfolding meant to satisfy. God gives us exactly what we need. And He doesn’t tempt us with indulgence. He is specific and spot-on with His gifts.

God sees into the depth of our hearts and He sees what we really need that’s why we must wait on Him because no one can satisfy as He can. He knows the exact remedy and the exact thing you need.

Let God be your provider your giver and you will always have what you need for that moment, that day, that season producing contentment in your spirit that cannot be shaken. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Wait on Him  He will unleash His greatest blessing on you. For He is the greatest blessing.

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