During the holiday season, churches become vibrant canvases showcasing the festive spirit through enchanting decorations adorning their windows. From traditional motifs to modern artistic displays, church window decorations for Christmas hold a special significance, not just in their aesthetic appeal but also in conveying the essence of the season.

Church Window Decorations For Christmas

Discover enchanting Church Window Decorations for Christmas, from timeless classics to modern marvels. Explore the beauty and significance of festive adornments for the holiday season.


As the festive season approaches, churches across the globe begin transforming their sanctuaries into vibrant havens of Christmas cheer. While adorning the altar and pews is important, the windows often take centre stage, becoming beacons of joy and inspiration for all who witness them. Choosing the right decorations for church windows not only adds to the festive atmosphere but also serves as a powerful tool for storytelling and spiritual reflection.

1. Rustic Twig Heart Wall Art

Rustic Twig Heart Wall Art



Burlap, a number of sticks and twigs (try breaking or cutting them into roughly equal pieces), a few cotton flowers, and ribbon are all you’ll need. Once completed, these will make fantastic indoor Christmas decorations.

2. Square Pinecone Wreath 

Square Pinecone Wreath


To finish, simply cut out a square of construction paper and affix it to the window on both sides using two thumbtacks. Next, insert pinecones between them using glue, or, if you want, simply arrange them freely on the background paper. You can also attach them with string or twist ties.

3. Poinsettia & Candles

Poinsettia Candles


All you need for this project is a poinsettia, fabric, floral tape, glue sticks of any color, and ribbon—preferably green. A little patience as well as some scissors would be required.

4. Cactus Christmas Tree & Candy Canes

Cactus Christmas Tree Candy Canes

All you need for this project is some candy canes and a cactus plant that is tall enough to be mistaken for a tiny Christmas tree. We understand that this is quite specialized, but we assure you that it will be worthwhile if you can pull it off.

Now, if your cactus plant has different hooks like the one in the example photo above, take the candy canes and hang them all over it.

5. Felt Christmas Tree Garland

Felt Christmas Tree Garland

To make your felt squares and triangles look like Christmas trees, cut them out in the first place. To add some decoration to the edges, trim them with a pair of pinking shears. You can also use fabric paints to add a few tiny white dots.

6. Burlap Vase & Christmas Tree Branches

Burlap Vase Christmas Tree Branches

It only takes a few minutes to complete and is a simple project to follow when making a Christmas window decoration out of branches and a vase. To get started, just purchase some inexpensive branches to serve as the project’s main base (twigs work just as well) and insert them into the vase using hot glue.

7. Garland Outdoor Window Frame Decoration

Garland Outdoor Window Frame Decoration

A square-shaped wreath that is big enough to cover your window frame is what you should make. Now cover it with whatever you wish, pinecones, cotton flowers, berries, ribbons, spruce, pine, and Thuja branches, and Christmas ornaments and baubles, to name a few.

After the square wreath is finished, cut it in half diagonally to create two wreaths that are the same size.

Now, attach these two wreaths to the corners of the windows of your choice using any method you like (adhesive, thread, nails, or thumbtacks) (see the picture above for reference).

8. Winter Drawings Christmas Window Decoration

Winter Drawings Christmas Window Decoration

Or perhaps you’re the type of do-it-yourself enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with various crafts but is most experienced in freehand drawing? Visit their page to find out more about how they used chalk pens to draw a detachable yet stunning winter scene directly onto their window glass.


As Christmas approaches, the beauty and symbolism of church window decorations captivate hearts and minds, serving as a visual testament to the season’s essence. Whether it’s the shimmering hues of stained glass or intricately crafted displays, these adornments transcend mere aesthetics, carrying the message of hope, joy, and peace.

Beyond their decorative allure, these embellishments represent the unity of communities and the celebration of a cherished tradition that continues to illuminate the spirit of Christmas in churches around the world.

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