Nanny Needed At Marmaris Recruitment Ltd British Columbia, Canada

A nanny is a committed and compassionate individual who offers families in-home childcare services. Nannies are essential in a child’s life because they make sure they are safe, happy, and develop normally.

They foster an environment that is exciting and nurturing, fostering the children in their care’s physical, social, and emotional development.


Job details

  • Location: Marmaris Recruitment Ltd, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Salary: $15.25 per hour for a weekly total of 40 hours worked.
  • Work conditions include flexible scheduling, overtime, night work, and early mornings in addition to full-time work.
  • The agreement expires on July 1, 2025.

A review

Languages: French or English.

Education: Diploma from secondary (high) school.


Job experience: from 1-2 years or less.

 Work Environment

  • No smoke
  • No smell

Workplace setting

  • Employer’s residence
  • Live-in optional accommodations are offered at no cost.
  • Metropolitan region


  • To guarantee children’s safety at all times, keep an eye on and supervise their activities.
  • Take kids on age-appropriate field trips, educational events, and play.
  • Make and serve kids’ nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Assist with personal grooming, including dressing, cleaning, and changing diapers.
  • Maintain consistency and adhere to established schedules and routines.
  • Participate in educational activities that enhance kids’ learning and offer homework assistance.
  • Plan and take part in extracurricular activities, playdates, and trips.
  • When necessary, give medication and basic first aid.
  • In spaces that kids use, keep everything tidy and organized.
  • Regularly update parents on their children’s development and address any concerns they may have.


  • Prior employment as a nanny or in a position related to child care.
  • A genuine desire to deal with children and awareness of their developmental requirements.
  • Strong communication abilities to engage with parents, kids, and other family members effectively.
  • Patience, understanding, and the capacity to remain composed and professional in the face of adversity.
  • A foundational understanding of age-appropriate activities and child development.
  • Certification in First Aid and CPR (or a desire to earn it).
  • References and a clean background check.


  • Take complete responsibility for the home when parents are not present.
  • Carry out simple cleaning and housekeeping tasks.
  • Purchase groceries and home goods.
  • Go on vacation with your family and help out with housework and child-watching
  • Launder, press, and iron clothes and bed linens.
  • Children should be disciplined using the techniques their parents have asked.
  • Teach kids about socialization and personal cleanliness. Maintain a journal of everyday activities and child health data.
  • Ensure that the home is a safe and healthy place for the kids to play and go on excursions.
  • Prepare and present wholesome dishes.
  • Watch over and take care of the kids.
  • Transport kids to and from appointments and school
  • Attend to children’s emotional health


  • First Aid Certificate
  • Safety and Security
  • Check the Child Abuse Registry
  • Child welfare assessment
  •  Criminal records investigation
  • Drug examination
  • Medical examination
  • Reference needed

Information about transportation

  • There is access to public transit.

Physical capabilities and work environments

  • Managing hefty loads
  • Requires overtime
  • Physically tasking
  • Repetitive duties
  • Working under duress

Managing weight

  • Nine kilograms (20 pounds) or more
  • Individual suitability
  • Customer focus
  • Effective interpersonal abilities
  • Outstanding verbal exchange
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative Sensitivity
  • Streamlined Dependability
  • A cooperative team member

Conditions of Application

To apply for this job you must:

  • Be a permanent or temporary citizen of Canada.
  • Hold an active work permit from Canada.

Please do not apply if you do not have the right to work in Canada. Your application won’t receive a response from the company.

To apply send an email to,


Application guidelines

What needs to be included in your application is as follows:

  • References confirming expertise

There are screening questions in this job posting. In your application, please respond to the following questions:

  • Can you work in Canada lawfully at the moment?
  • Do you have any prior work experience in this field?


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