Preauricular sinus in the bible is not an esoteric subject and can be illustrated by numerous bible verses. The Preauricular sinus is used in the Bible as an analogy, to educate readers about a specific topic like the baptism of death, or being raised up again to eternal life.

What does preauricular sinus mean?

The preauricular sinus is found near the front of the ear and spotted at the entry of a sinus tract that might travel under the skin near the ear cartilage.


Preauricular pits are set up in the sinus tracts beneath the skin around the ears. They are detectable tiny openings. A pit can be short or long. Openings are normally only on one ear, but they have been known to be found on both ears.
It’s rear, but a pit may also surface under the ear canal, close to the earlobe.

12 Meaning of preauricular sinus in the bible?

It is believed that people with preauricular sinuses are spiritual people. It is also believed that the prophets of old were men with preauricular sinuses.


The spiritual meaning of the preauricular sinus is something interesting that we need to divulge. It is believed that only a few humans come with preauricular sinus because it isn’t something that is found in everyone’s ear but I have a few people who do have preauricular sinus, and they are special persons.

The preauricular sinus is a sign that you are special, different, and unique. You are not like every other person, you are a significant creature. God has made you this way, and there is a spiritual side to life. Learn to appreciate this unique side.


1. Spiritual ability:

People believe that having a preauricular sinus is a sign that you have spiritual abilities, and that you can connect with the spiritual realm. These abilities might not be fully blown at the moment but with prayers and guidance you will harness your abilities

2. The gift of prophecy:

The gift of prophecy is a special ability to speak the message of God. A prophet is a spokesman for God. It is believed that several prophets of God in the bible had the preauricular sinus in their ears. This was how they were different and communicated with God.


3. Communicating with God:

In every relationship, there must be communication, through prayer or dreams.
People who have preauricular sinuses are believed to commune with God when they pray and receive revelations through dreams.

4. High spiritual sensitivity:

Being sensitive is essential when you are spiritual.
People with holes in their ears are sensitive to their environment both spiritual and physical.

5. Devotion to God:

Without a commitment, a relationship is doomed to fail.
You can’t harness your gifts without devotion.
Because of the hole in your ear, there is already a connection but without devotion, it might sink.

6. Spiritual attention:

God wants all of his children to pay attention to him. Whenever you see someone with a preauricular sinus, take it as a sign of spiritual attentiveness. This means that God wishes to communicate with you, but you have to want to receive the messages from him, by putting yourself in the position to hear from him. (being attentive).

7. Cordial union with God:

Having a friendly relationship with God is effective. They are vigilant. A person with a preauricular sinus is spiritually watchful and alert.

 8. Spiritual knowledge:

People perish because they refuse to ask for knowledge and use the knowledge. But people who have holes in their ears are blessed with knowledge.

Hosea 4:6

my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.-

Hosea 4:6

Hosea 4:6

9. They are favored-

They are gifted and favored by God and people as well

10. They listen to people:

We can see in the bible, God said that “enmity with God is friendship with the world”. Those with a hole in the ear are believed to be attentive to the things people say about them. If you have a hole in the ear, God is encouraging you to stop paying attention to people. If you pay much attention to others, you will always want to please them, which will cause you to disobey God.

11. They are confident in God:

As they walk with God, they unconsciously begin to build their self-esteem around God.

12. They are filled with love:

God is love. You can’t have a close relationship with someone and not get some traits from God. They begin to show love all around them.

Preauricular sinus spiritual meaning?

In most cases, the preauricular sinus is often mistaken for a piercing hole or dimple.
The idea of having a hole in the ear may appear ordinary to people. We are born with a canal in our ears that enables us to hear, and some people have a preauricular sinus in their ears that may not serve any body function, but symbolizes beautiful and different meanings. 

Because some people are born with a tiny hole near the ear, just outside of where the upper ear attaches to the side of their head, they are seen as special. Some superstitions around the African community may say it means stubbornness. It may be unnoticeable, but if you see this at all, it will likely look similar to a piercing.

A person can have such a hole in one or both ears. from a distance, it may just look like a tiny dot. This unique characteristic has deeper significant meanings. I can get born with such a hole in one or both ears. From a distance, it may be invisible or just look like a tiny freckle. This unique characteristic has deep meanings.

People only have a positive connotation with this hole in the ear. Spiritually speaking, there aren’t really any bad ideas or feelings associated with this. If you have a preauricular sinus you may be blessed with a life of abundance and good fortune.

Does the preauricular sinus go away?

A preauricular sinus is a tiny hole in front of the ear. It is common, and most of the time it’s normally harmless and doesn’t cause any health issues.

Sometimes the preauricular hole can get an infection when the hole houses and seals bacteria inside. And symptoms might begin to surface, like, Redness, Swelling, Pain, and Fever. Doctors often recommend surgery as a treatment.

Is preauricular sinus rare?

Yes, preauricular sinus is rare. Out of 10 people, you might find one or two with a preauricular sinus.

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