God wrote the Bible. The Holy Spirit inspired Moses and Paul to write about how God interacts with the earth (1 Ti 3:16; 2 Pe 1:20–21).

I know you must have been anxious to know how many bible authors wrote the Bible. “About 40 persons wrote the Bible.” Additionally, numerous authors have written unique works for a wide range of demographics over a long period.


In a certain sense, both of these answers are true, but at this point, you’re probably interested in learning about the Bible’s authors. And for a good reason: Knowing who wrote a particular book or passage is crucial while studying the Bible.

But answering this question involves a lot of subtleties. First, the Bible wasn’t created overnight and took a long time to complete.


Therefore, let’s examine the authors of the Bible in more detail. Let me state a few caveats before we move on to the list of names:

  • This is a list of authors either explicitly mentioned in the Bible or generally accepted by Jewish and Christian traditions. I’ve also listed a few potential choices for anonymous works (like Moses, Ezra, and Matthew).
  • Beyond the 35 I’ve identified here, other authors wrote the Bible. For instance, Judges was written by someone, but we don’t know who. So there were roughly 40 authors of the Bible, although only 35 are mentioned explicitly in the Bible and tradition.
  • Modern attribution and ancient attribution aren’t even close to being comparable.

How many Bible authors? The 35 traditional bible authors

1. Moses (Genesis | Exodus | Leviticus | Numbers | Deuteronomy | Psalms)

How many Bible authors

Israel is led by the prophet Moses to the border of the promised land after they have been held as enslaved people in Egypt. Additionally, he contributed around 20% of your Bible. Moses is unlike any other Old Testament prophet (Dt 34:10–12).


Moses is an Egyptian-born Hebrew brought up in the Pharaoh’s home. After slaying a cruel enslaver from Egypt, Moses flees to the wilderness, where he marries and begins a new life as a shepherd. After forty years, God finally encounters Moses in the wild (a burning bush is involved).

Moses receives a command from God to tell Pharaoh to release the Israelites. The Israelites depart after Moses fulfills this command, Pharaoh objects, and God punishes Egypt with ten plagues. Moses leads the young country to Mount Sinai, where the Lord establishes a unique bond with Israel: from today, Israel is God’s people, and God is their deity.


Moses describes in full how that interaction works. The majority of the writings in the Bible that are credited to Moses are devoted to these specifics, known as the “Law.”

Genesis, the first Book, lays the foundation for the following four books. It discusses the origins of the Jewish people and how they got to Egypt. The following four volumes provide a detailed account of Israel’s physical and spiritual journey from Egypt to the promised land.

But Moses’ contributions don’t end in Deuteronomy! Psalm 90 was also written by him.

2. Ezra (1 & 2 Chronicles | Ezra)

How many Bible authors

Long, long after Moses, Ezra is born. But like the ancient prophet, Ezra guides a group of Israelites who are exiled to another country back to the promised land.

Ezra is extremely knowledgeable about the Law of Moses and is a scribe (someone who reads, writes, and interprets writings) (Ezra 7:6). Additionally, he is related to Moses; Ezra is a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Moses’ brother Aaron, which indicates that he possesses some priestly ancestry (7:1–5).

Ezra was born and raised in Babylon, but he is resolved to return to his land to serve as a missionary there (7:10). As a result, he brings a group of Jews back to Jerusalem and starts instructing the people in the ways of God.

Ezra plays a significant role in the books of Nehemiah and Ezra. In addition, he is a respected religious figure in Jerusalem who praises the holiness of those near him.

According to the Jewish Talmud, Ezra is credited with authoring both the Book of Ezra and the books of 1 & 2 Chronicles (yes, they are two separate books). If so, Ezra would rank as the Bible’s second-most prolific author.

3. Nehemiah(Nehemiah)

How many Bible authors Nehemiah

When Nehemiah learns that his fellow citizens back in Jerusalem are in desperate need and that the city is in ruins, he becomes alarmed. Nehemiah serves as the King of Persia’s cupbearer (Neh 1:3). After receiving King Artaxerxes’ approval to restore the city walls and gates, Nehemiah departs for Jerusalem.

And get this: in just 52 days, he rebuilds the wall (6:15).

But Nehemiah is more than just a wall builder. Nehemiah utilizes his position as governor of Judah, which Artaxerxes appoints him to (Neh 5:14), to encourage the people to worship God. He is in charge of placing guards, hiring singers, and maintaining the cleanliness of the temple. Along with Ezra, he also helps the people renew their devotion to God (10:28–39) and hold them accountable for their promises (13:4–31).

The Book that bears his name was written by Nehemiah, written in the first person. Writing openly and honestly, Nehemiah frequently interrupts his narrative to recount a prayer he offered to God (4:4; 13:22).

4. David (Psalms)

How many Bible authors David

Everyone has heard about this person. He was the shepherd child who defeated the enormous monster Goliath. He is the king who founded Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and saved Israel from her adversaries. He is the scumbag who killed Uriah to get Uriah’s wife. But, perhaps most significantly, he is a messiah—someone chosen by God to govern over the populace with justice and wisdom.

1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Chronicles, David is the leading figure, and in Ruth and Kings, we learn all about his family. Although David is one of the most significant figures in the Bible, this doesn’t have much to do with him. Instead, God makes an exceptional promise to David that makes him important: from David will arise an everlasting kingdom with an immortal monarch. Warning: there’s Jesus.

You might have heard that David penned the Book of Psalms, but that is untrue. Only 73 of the 150 Psalms, or almost half, were written by David. That is still a lot more than any other psalmist, though.

These are his in particular:

3–9 Psalms
Psalms 11 to 41
51–65 Psalms
Psalms 68–70
Psalm 86
Psalm 101
Psalm 103
108–110 Psalms
Psalm 122
Psalm 124
Psalms 131 and 133
138–145 Psalms

The tally rises to 85 if the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament) and Latin Vulgate are included.


5. Solomon (Psalms | Proverbs | Ecclesiastes | Song of Solomon)

How many Bible authors Solomon

The Lord appears to Solomon in a dream when he succeeds his father David as King of all Israel. Solomon receives the ultimate “blank check” from God, who promises to grant him any request he makes. Solomon requests God for wisdom rather than asking for money or the skulls of his adversaries. Boy did God provide:

Now, like the sand on the beach, God gave Solomon wisdom, vast perception, and a broad mind. Solomon was wiser than every son of the east and every Egyptian of intellect. The names of Mahol’s sons, Heman, Calcol, and Darda, who were more intelligent than all other men, including Ethan the Ezrahite, spread to all the nearby nations.
Solomon penned one thousand melodies and 3,000 proverbs (1 Ki 4:32). Thankfully, much of that information is found in our Bibles.

The writings Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are traditionally attributed to Solomon. He wonders, “What’s the sense of even existing?” in the first. In the second, he embraces all forms of sexual privilege, including love and marriage.

Solomon also contributed to two additional Bible books. He is the principal author of Proverbs, a book that offers guidelines for doing things wisely and justly. Solomon wrote or edited most of the first 29 chapters. The wise king follows in his father’s footsteps by contributing Psalms 72 and 127 to the Book of Psalms.

6. Asaph and family (Psalms)

How many Bible authors Asaph

When David dedicates the Jerusalem temple, he names Asaph and his family to oversee the service (1 Ch 16:5). Apart from the fact that he is a singer from the tribe of Levi, not much is known about Asaph (2 Ch 5:12). Because 12 of the Psalms (Ps 50; 73–83) are attributed to him and his family, they must have been talented poets.

7. Sons of Korah (Psalms)

How many Bible authors Korah

  • During Israel’s journey through the wilderness, Korah, a Levite, opposes Moses’ authority. Unfortunately, that doesn’t turn out well; the earth swallows Korah and his men. However, Korah’s sons live on, and they have left quite a legacy in the Bible via their music. Korah’s offspring composed 11 psalms:
    Psalm 42
    Psalms 44–49
    Psalms 84–85
    Psalms 87–88

8. Heman (Psalms)

How many Bible authors Herman

  • No, a Masters of the Universe figure did not write a portion of the Bible before everyone became unduly excited (as far as I can tell). But it’s kind of funny how similar the names are. The eighty-eighth psalm was written by Heman, a wise man, and the sons of Korah. He had Solomon’s level of intelligence, but he wasn’t much brighter (1 Ki 4:31).

9. Ethan (Psalms)

How many Bible authors Ethan

A new psalmist has appeared! Ethan was one of the wisest people in the world, just like his relative Heman. I mean, except from Solomon (1 Ki 4:31). He authored Psalm 89.

10. Agur (Proverbs)

How many Bible authors Agur

The identity of Proverbs 30’s author is obscure. He must have been knowledgeable enough for the Jews to record him in their Book of wisdom. Yet, he doesn’t regard his intelligence as being exceptionally superior to that of God:

I truly am the most idiotic man alive.

And I do not possess a man’s intelligence.

Therefore, I haven’t gained any wisdom either.

I’m also ignorant of the Holy One. (Pr 30:2-3)

11. Lemuel (Proverbs)

How many Bible authors Lemuel

Again, the Bible doesn’t provide much information about this author. King Lemuel was. Perhaps from a place called Massa (31:1). Although we’re not sure where Massa would be, some Bible translations of his introduction refer to him as the “king of Massa.”

A remarkable fact about Lemuel: His contribution to the Bible is a love letter to his mother. She raised her kid well, and he now imparts her knowledge to his readers.

12. Isaiah (Isaiah)

How many Bible authors Isaiah

The Major Prophets include Isaiah, the oldest and possibly the most important. He appears to be responsible for part of the royal records, and his ministry spans the reigns of four kings (2 Ch 2622; 32:32). Isaiah also weds a prophetess (Is 8:3), and they have two sons.

Isaiah counsels the rulers of Judah in addition to preaching the word of God to the people. When the nations of Israel and Aram wage war against Jerusalem, he encourages King Ahaz not to be alarmed (Is 7:3–4). King Hezekiah is reassured by the prophet that the Lord will defend Judah from Assyrian forces (2 Ki 19:1–7; Is 37:1–7; 39:5-7), but he is also forewarned that Jerusalem will one day be taken by the Babylonians.

Of course, he is also traditionally attributed with authoring the Book of Isaiah (Even if his students appear to have added to the amount of work over time). His predictions include the emergence of Cyrus the Great, the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and the establishment of God’s future kingdom.

13. Jeremiah (Jeremiah | Lamentations)

How many Bible authors Jeremiah2


He is the well-known “weeping prophet” from the priesthood in Benjamin’s homeland (Jer 1:1). Early in his life (Jer 1:6), Jeremiah begins his prophetic work, warning the people of Judah that judgment is imminent. He first alerts them to many Babylonian assaults, but the Judah rulers refuse to listen. However, Jeremiah ultimately outlives all the monarchs and advises the displaced people in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. But not even they pay attention.

The Bible’s Peter Parker, Jeremiah just can’t seem to get a break.

Bible book titles Jeremiah wrote.

Forget what you’ve heard about the Psalms; Jeremiah is the Bible’s longest Book. But, Jeremiah wrote a lot more than just that. Tradition has it that Jeremiah also penned the Book of Lamentations. This collection of five acrostic poems laments the destruction of Jerusalem. When the honorable King Josiah was killed in battle, Jeremiah also composed a couple of other laments (2 Ch 35:25).

14. Ezekiel (Ezekiel)

How many Bible authors Ezekiel

One of the several Jews held hostage in Babylon (Ezek 1:1). Although he is a Levite priest (1:3), the Lord uses him for much more than just offering sacrifices. As awful as it is today, the Jews will get into far worse danger, so God sets up Ezekiel as the “watchman” for them.

In his role as a minister, Ezekiel makes numerous sacrifices. His food is cooked over feces (4:12–15). For 430 days, he is on his side (see 4:4-6). He loses his wife, yet he cannot grieve (24:15–24). He faces difficulties.

15. Daniel (Daniel)

How many Bible authors daniel


You may be familiar with this man and his lion’s den incident. Young Judah nobleman Daniel is taken prisoner by King Nebuchadnezzar (Da 1:3, 6). Daniel, who was exiled to Babylon, rapidly stands out from the other youngsters for his knowledge (1:20), and he is one of the few biblical figures who can consistently interpret the dreams of others (2:28). As a result, he rises to the position of supreme executive officer in the Persian and Babylonian empires (2:48; 5:29; 6:1-3).

He also experiences some compelling visions. Two main topics frequently appear in his forecasts.

  • The unconquerable kingdom of God, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, represent the future of the world’s kingdoms.
  • The Messiah, the temple, and Israel’s role in God’s long-term plan all pertain to the destiny of God’s people.
  • Daniel is a clever guy, and he wrote an influential book for individuals interested in learning about biblical prophecy.

16. Hosea (Hosea)

How many Bible authors Hosea

God commanded Hosea to enter an unhealthful marriage, which is his claim to fame.

God orders Hosea to wed a prostitute and bear a few children (Hos 1:2). And so does Hosea. God commands him to bring his wife back to the house as his wife once more when she picks up her old trade and begins sleeping with other men.

Why? Israel has pursued idols in place of her connection with God. Therefore she has turned away from her. Although Israel will suffer the repercussions of her actions, the Lord has plans to redeem her and bring her back to him, just as Hosea does with his wife (3:5).

17. Joel (Joel)

How many Bible authors Joel

This prophet’s lineage as Pethuel’s son is all that is known about him. Joel describes the current locust catastrophe and the second coming of the Lord in his short Book of prophecy.

18. Amos (Amos)

How many Bible authors Amos



From the village of Tekoa in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, Amos is a shepherd. He receives visions from the Lord, who also sends him on a northern expedition to prophesy against the King of Israel. But, as you might expect, Israel’s false priests want to silence this Southerner (Am 7:12–13).

Amos is a fascinating individual because he appears to have no prior experience in public ministry. For instance, Amos declares, “I am a herdsman and a producer of sycamore figs; I am not a prophet and am not sprung from a prophet.” (Am 7:14) in response to the false priest Amaziah’s command to prophesy elsewhere.


19. Obadiah (Obadiah)

How many Bible authors Obadiah

We only know about this person that he gave a brief prophecy against Edom. But sadly, his Book doesn’t even begin with “Obadiah, son of X,” so we don’t have much to work on.

You should read his Book if you enjoy underdog stories. But, unfortunately, the Bible’s least-read Book is this one.

20. Jonah (Jonah)

How many Bible authors-Jonah

He is among the Bible’s more well-known figures (albeit he is one of the least-read books). For the Northern Kingdom of Israel, Jonah is a prophet (2 Ki 14:25). The Lord nevertheless sends him to Nineveh to inform the Assyrians of the impending judgment of God. Unfortunately, Jonah takes a different course, is thrown overboard, and spends three days inside a large fish.

After being thrown up by the fish, Jonah is asked to give a sermon in Nineveh. Once more, Jonah submits. However, Jonah isn’t too happy that God spares the Ninevites even though they repent.

He is generally recognized as the writer of Jonah. If that’s the case, something must have clicked for him following the events.

21. Micah (Micah)

How many Bible authors Micah

Though he is from Moreshetch in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, Micah is a prophet who reaches out to the North and the South (Mic 1:1). Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot more about Micah. Still, we understand that the Judah elders regarded him as a genuine prophet by the time Jeremiah lived (about a century later).

The crowd cites Micah to avert Jeremiah’s execution. The priests and false prophets attempt to have Jeremiah killed when he specifies that Jerusalem and the temple would be taken over (Jer 26:8, 11). However, the leaders and citizens of the city keep in mind Micah’s dire predictions for Jerusalem and forbid the priests from killing Jeremiah (26:17–19).


22. Nahum (Nahum)

How many Bible authors Nahum

In his prophecy against Nineveh, Nahum, a prophet, identifies as an “Elkoshite” (Na 1:1). But unfortunately, we don’t know much more about Nahum because we don’t know where Elkosh is.

23. Habakkuk (Habakkuk)

How many Bible authors Habakkuk

The only thing we know about this minor prophet is his songwriting talent. However, the third chapter of his Book is a prayer psalm and one of the Bible’s only instances of shiggaion ( Hab 3:1).


24. Zephaniah (Zephaniah)How many Bible authors Zephaniah

Zephaniah carries a bit of royal blood. He, therefore, begins his small Bible book with his family history, which dates back to just King Hezekiah (Zep 1:1).

25. Haggai (Haggai)

How many Bible authors Haggai

In the Bible, Haggai gives a relatively summary of his ministry. He urges the Jews to complete the rebuilding of the temple of God, and the scribe, Ezra, acknowledges him by nodding (Ezr 5:1-2) due to the prominence of his church. His ministry is documented for around three months and 24 days (Hag 1:1; 2:10).

Of all the Minor Prophets, Haggai is the most date-specific, providing the month and day of each message from God. Haggai, way to put in your time!

26. Zechariah (Zechariah)

How many Bible authors Zecheriah

About halfway through Haggai’s ministry, Zechariah begins his own (Zec 1:1), and like Haggai, he exhorts the people to finish the temple (Ezr 5:1-2). Then, like Jeremiah, Zechariah begins as a young man to speak for God (Zec 2:4). Finally, he recorded his dreams and letters, which became the Bible’s Book of Zechariah.

Zechariah appears to be a prophet and a priest (Zec 7:2–5; Neh 12:16), indicating that he is a member of the tribe of Levi.

27. Malachi (Malachi)

How many Bible authors Malachai


Malachi is the last prophet to be added to the Old Testament. He urges the post-exilic Jews to renew their relationship with the Lord is the only other thing we know about him.

28. Matthew/Levi (Matthew)

How many Bible authors-Matthew-Levi

One of Jesus’ twelve apostles and four evangelists is Matthew. Who recorded the life of Jesus. Matthew is a tax collector for Rome when we first encounter him. In Israel, tax collectors weren’t well-liked because they extorted money from fellow Jews to pay a pagan monarch. Matthew shutters his booth, however, to serve the real king of the Jews after hearing Jesus’ appeal to follow him. He invites Jesus to dinner after that (Mt 9:9–10).

Matthew may come from the Levi tribe because he is referred to as Levi in the other gospels (Mk 2:14–15; Lk 5:27–29).

29. John Mark (Mark)

How many Bible authors Mark

A fascinating figure in the background of the New Testament is Mark. Acts is where Mark first appears to us. Peter visits Mark’s mother after his miraculous release from prison (Ac 12:12). Mark later joins Paul and Barnabas on their missionary tour as a helper, but he departs from them and returns to Jerusalem (13:5, 13). Paul won’t accept Barnabas’ suggestion to invite John Mark along again when he and Barnabas get ready for their second journey (15:37–38). Finally, after a particularly heated argument, Paul and Barnabas decide to part ways: Barnabas takes Mark to Cyprus, and Paul forms a new missionary team (15:39–40).

Mark, however, develops. Years later, Mark is still regarded as Paul’s helper and Peter’s son (2 Ti 4:11). (1 Pe 5:13). Tradition has it that Mark is the one who records Peter’s accounts of Jesus, which is how the Gospel of Mark came to be.

30. Luke (Luke | Acts)

How many Bible authors Luke

Luke is a doctor who travels with Paul in good times and bad (Co 4:14; 2 Ti 4:11). Paul gets a lot of beatings, so his abilities come in handy (2 Co 24ff).

However, Luke’s contribution to the New Testament is his most important legacy. Luke is the author of the most significant portion of the NT (yes, even more than Paul). Luke is a thorough writer who sets out to chronicle the life and career of Jesus in chronological sequence (Lk 1:1–4) before chronicling the early church’s history (Ac 1:1–2). He writes these reports on behalf of Theophilus, a mysterious Christian who seeks to understand more about his religion.

31. John (John 1,2,3 | Revelation)

How many Bible authors John

He is one of the 12 apostles and a former Galilean fisherman who adheres to Jesus (Mk 1:19–20). The Lord offers the moniker “Sons of Thunder” to John and his brother James (Mk 3:17). Although the Bible doesn’t mention how he acquired this moniker, John occasionally seems to have a stormy disposition (Lk 9:51–56).

After the resurrection, John becomes a pillar of the early church (Ga 2:9). Before crafting the four letters, he first spins a gripping account of Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection (the last one, Revelation, includes many apocalyptic visions). Tradition has it that John is elevated to the position of elder in the Ephesian church. Eventually, he is banished to the Isle of Patmos (Rev 1:9).

Fun fact: John writes the longest (Revelation) and the shortest epistles of any New Testament author (3 John). John 3 is undoubtedly the most concise Book in the Bible.

32. Paul (Romans–Philemon).

How many Bible authors Paul

Paul may not have written as many words as Moses, but he wrote 13 more different papers than any other biblical author.

Paul is leading the opposition to the church when we first meet him, not the church. Paul (also known as Saul) kidnaps Christians from Judean districts and transports them to Jerusalem, where they would be put to death for blasphemy. In several cases, the penalty was imprisonment or death (Ac 8:3; 9:1-2).

On the other hand, Paul is irrevocably altered when Jesus stops him on the way to Damascus. As an apostle, he represents the church to non-Jews throughout the Roman Empire (Ep 3:1, 8). He traverses the world, establishing churches and preaching the good news of Jesus.

Paul’s contributions to the Bible are found in his letters to numerous Christian communities worldwide. These letters were sent to both churches he had planted and churches he wanted to visit in the future. In addition, Paul also addressed letters to certain church elders, such as Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.

33. James (James)

How many Bible authors James

Jesus’ younger brother, James the Just, is the child of Mary and Joseph (Mt 13:55; Mk 6:3). While the Lord is carrying out his earthly ministry, James does not believe in Jesus (Jn 7:5). But after Jesus is raised from the dead, everything is different. James, in particular, receives a visit from Jesus (1 Co 15:7), and as a result, James rises to prominence as a leader in the early church.

James is extraordinarily astute in how he strikes a balance between respect for God’s holiness and freedom in Christ. James guides the church to resolve a disagreement over how Gentiles should treat the Law of Moses (Ac 15:13–21).

Later, James encourages the dispersed Christian Jews to continue living out their faith in a letter to them. This letter is known as the Book of James.

34. Peter (1 Peter | 2 Peter)

How many Bible authors Peter

Peter is a name you’re all familiar with. He was an essential and exciting personality in the early church and served as the leader of the 12 apostles (Mt. (Ga 2:9). Peter is the face of the gospel to the Jews, just as Paul is entrusted with spreading the gospel to the Gentiles (Ga 2:7).

He’s a reasonably hard-core guy. He walks on water (Mt 14:29), axing a man’s ear to defend Jesus (Mk 14:29, 31; Jn 18:10), and adamantly proclaims that Jesus is the Christ and the anointed one (Mk 14:29, 31). (Mt 16:16). Yes, he is the one who, at the Lord’s trial, three times refuses Jesus (Jn 18:15–16), but the resurrection changes him. Peter freely proclaims the good news of Jesus in the city as the Holy Spirit visits the church.

Both the two Bible books are titled after he wrote Peter. The first outlines how Christians should behave in this world as strangers: whatever suffering we endure, it will be little in comparison to the splendor. Christians are urged in the second letter to keep in mind what Peter has taught them even after he has passed away (2 Pe 1:13–14).

35. Jude (Jude)

How many Bible authors Jude

Jude is the younger brother of Jesus and James (Jude 1). Like James, he was not a follower of Jesus on earth (Jn 7:5), but he converted to Christianity after the resurrection. Jude is the author of one Book in the Bible, an epistle to believers asking them to “contend for the faith” (Jude 3–4).

Who wrote the bible first?

The first five books of the Bible, known as the Pentateuch, were thought to have been written exclusively by the prophet Moses for thousands of years. According to legend, Moses was given a heavenly mandate to record key moments in world history, including the worldwide flood, the birth of mankind, the transmission of the commandments at Mount Sinai, and the cycle of Israel’s captivity and deliverance from Egypt.

When the bible was written?

The Old Testament is the original Hebrew Bible, which dates from between 1200 and 165 BC. It is considered to be the foundational text of the Jewish faith. In the first century AD, Christians penned the writings of the New Testament.

List of Bible Authors From Genesis To Revelation

Moses wrote the Book Of Genesis
Moses wrote the Book Of Exodus
Moses wrote the Book Of Leviticus
Moses wrote the Book Of Numbers
Moses wrote the Book Of Deuteronomy
Joshua wrote the Book Of Joshua
Samuel wrote the Book Of Judges
Samuel wrote the Book Of Ruth
Samuel; Gad; Nathan wrote The Book Of 1 Samuel 
Gad; Nathan wrote the Book Of 2 Samuel
Jeremiah wrote the Book Of 1 Kings
Jeremiah wrote the Book Of 2 Kings
Ezra wrote the Book Of 1 Chronicles
Ezra wrote the Book Of 2 Chronicles
Ezra wrote the Book Of Ezra
Nehemiah wrote the Book Of Nehemiah
Mordecai wrote the Book Of Esther
Moses wrote the Book Of Job
David and others wrote The Book Of Psalms
Solomon wrote the Book Of Proverbs; Agur; Lemuel
Solomon wrote the Book Of Ecclesiastes
Solomon wrote the Book Of Song Of Solomon
Isaiah wrote the Book Of Isaiah
Jeremiah wrote the Book Of Jeremiah
Jeremiah wrote the Book Of Lamentations
Ezekiel wrote the Book Of Ezekiel
Daniel wrote the Book Of Daniel
Hosea wrote the Book Of Hosea
Joel wrote the Book Of Joel
Amos wrote the Book Of Amos
Obadiah wrote the Book Of Obadiah
Jonah wrote the Book Of Jonah
Micah wrote the Book Of Micah
Nahum wrote the Book Of Nahum
Habakkuk wrote the Book Of Habakkuk
Zephaniah wrote the Book Of Zephaniah
Haggai wrote the Book Of Haggai
Zechariah wrote the Book Of Zechariah
Malachi wrote the Book Of Malachi
Matthew wrote the Book Of Matthew
Mark wrote the Book Of Mark
Luke wrote the Book Of Luke
Apostle John wrote the Book Of John
Luke wrote the Book Of Acts
Paul wrote the Book Of Romans
Paul wrote the Book Of 1 Corinthians
Paul wrote The Book Of 2 Corinthians
Paul wrote the Book Of Galatians
Paul wrote the Book Of Ephesians
Paul wrote the Book Of Philippians
Paul wrote the Book Of Colossians
Paul wrote the Book Of 1 Thessalonians
Paul wrote the Book Of 2 Thessalonians
Paul wrote the Book Of 1 Timothy
Paul wrote the Book Of 2 Timothy
Paul wrote the Book Of Titus
Paul wrote the Book Of Philemon
Unknown wrote the Book Of Hebrews
James (Jesus’ brother) wrote the book of James
Peter wrote the Book 1 Peter
Peter wrote the Book Of 2 Peter
Apostle John wrote the Book Of 1 John
Apostle John wrote the Book Of 2 John
Apostle John wrote the Book Of 3 John
Jude (Jesus’ brother) wrote the Book Of Jude
Apostle John wrote the Book Of Revelation

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