Software Engineer Needed At Omnipresent Toronto, ON, Canada is One of the biggest equalizers of our day is remote work, which enables people to find jobs from businesses all around the world regardless of where they reside or where they were born. That is what Omnipresent does.

Software Engineer Needed At Omnipresent Toronto, ON, Canada

We are a client-focused worldwide partner for employment services that can assist businesses in expanding their workforces throughout more than 155 nations and territories. How are we going to do that? Specifically, through OmniPlatform, our SaaS platform. We assist businesses of all sizes in addressing the challenges associated with remotely recruiting international teams. This includes handling payroll, benefits administration, legal and compliance, and employee onboarding and offboarding.
We also follow our own advice! Since we operate entirely remotely, we lack a head office. Over 250 members of our team are dispersed over more than 50 nations and territories worldwide. You may therefore work from any location. We offer the same advantages and assistance to clients and their remote workers wherever in the world. Because of our flat organizational structure, we encourage accountability and self-initiative in completing daily activities that contribute to achieving our aspirational corporate objectives.
We’re expanding our workforce in response to the explosive growth of remote work, which aims to enable people worldwide to work remotely.
The role
We are searching for a Senior Staff Engineer with a strong desire to build; this is a completely new opportunity to design the platform’s architecture. We want to use the lessons we’ve learnt, as four years old as we are, to propel the next phase of global expansion. In order to make our OmniPlatform, which is used internally and by customers, a reality, you will be tackling difficult yet important problems.
You will direct the technical strategy and direction of our next-generation platform as a technical thought leader in our engineering team. The sophisticated solutions that Omnipresent offers, including global payroll, payments, compliance, and benefits spanning 160 countries, present a number of technical hurdles. Along with working directly with senior leadership from throughout the organization to help express company goals through technology, you will lead choices about programming languages, architectures, products, tools, techniques, and procedures in conjunction with other Engineering and Product leaders.
We are solving an incredibly complex problem


As you lead multiple groups to implement a scalable platform and set the vision for our technical architecture, you will play a pivotal role. Additionally, you should anticipate
• Take the lead in the architecture, design, and implementation of a sophisticated, scalable system, lending a helping hand as needed.

• Assist with the design and implementation of a sophisticated and scalable system by collaborating closely with our Principal Architect. Your superior ideas and architectures will be easy to use, scalable, reliable, and robust.
• Seek for innovative opportunities amongst several teams that aren’t afraid to try new things and take on big, complicated, and ambitious problems.
• Lead various teams in engineering, and you’ll be in charge of making important technology choices that have an impact on the entire company. Provide others with guidance, encouragement, and career advancement.
• Consistently provide business context for important engineering decisions and assist in determining the appropriate trade-offs between technical design considerations and business requirements.
• Persuade highly skilled engineering teams to accept concepts and put standards into practice.
About You: Throughout the course of your more than ten years in software engineering, you have been instrumental in the development, deployment, and execution of numerous enterprise-level solutions.
• By imparting your knowledge and experience, you have had a significant technical impact on numerous teams, boosting their output and efficiency.


• You have a great deal of engineering experience developing, putting into practice, and managing highly available and scalable systems. comprehensive knowledge of software design patterns and architecture
• Proficient technical background in programming languages including Python, Java, and C++ for software design and architecture.
• Proficient in the architecture and design of microservices.
• Thorough knowledge of design patterns and software architecture.
• Knowledge in cloud computing, containerization, and AWS.
• Hands-on experience designing and managing databases, both NoSQL and SQL.
• Knowledge of telemetry, automation, and observability tools.
You are the kind of person who… • Has the ability to persuade highly skilled engineering teams to accept designs and put standards into practice.
• Has a strong desire to mentor and manage engineering teams to create inclusive, creative work cultures.

• Is driven to continuously improve things, has a strong grasp of complicated systems, and is passionate about quality and observability.
• Able to effectively take concepts from conception to production deployment, articulate a consistent strategic direction, and bring best practice development processes to the table.
• Capable of leading technical decisions while being unafraid to get your hands dirty and participate in a team code review.


We live what we preach and think that working remotely is a great equalizer. Our mission is based on inclusivity, and we are dedicated to conscious inclusion. Regardless of color, religion or belief, ethnic origin, physical ability, family structure, socioeconomic level, age, nationality or citizenship, married, domestic, or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we think that everyone has potential.

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