Forestry Technician Needed At Integrated ProAction British Columbia, Canada is a well-known Kamloops natural resources consulting company that has been in business since 1992 and has consistently delivered excellent results. Our company is multifaceted and provides its esteemed staff with the chance to acquire knowledge in every facet of the forestry sector. Additionally, we regularly see chances with our diversified portfolio of clients in various natural resource industries, and we make an effort to incorporate personnel in these stimulating and demanding projects that broaden their professional horizons.

Forestry Technician Needed At Integrated ProAction British Columbia, Canada

Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Forestry Technicians are needed immediately. Positions are based out of our warm Southern Interior location.


Intermediate Technician: Candidates with at least three years of experience and a diploma or degree in natural resources are eligible for intermediate roles. The ideal applicant wants to advance their career in the field of forestry while expanding upon their core knowledge. This person would be willing to help mentor less seasoned teammates in order to grow the team and would have a solid understanding of full phase wood development.

Senior Technician: Senior Positions require at least five years of experience in the forest industry and either a degree or diploma in natural resources along with a Professional Designation (RPF or RFT). The ideal applicant would be passionate about forestry, have the ability to manage daily activity schedules, oversee a small team, and function as a liaison between the field crew and the forestry supervisor.


While not necessary, prior experience with the following actions is required:

• Planning, monitoring, and reporting for the administration of forest licenses; • Complete Phase Development and Planning


• Every facet of evaluating timber

• Every facet of designing roads and cut blocks (different systems)


• Gathering information, creating a site plan, and doing any necessary evaluations

• Road deactivation guidelines and/or evaluations,

• data gathering from Level 1, 2, and/or 3 road traverses;

• tracking and entry in the Cengea/LRM database;

• timber cruising and compilation;

• comprehension of appraisal information;

• silviculture surveys, planting supervision, auditing evaluations, and/or experience with RESULTS;

Each applicant must be physically capable of performing the duties of field employment, have a valid driver’s license, and be eligible to work in Canada. It would be beneficial to have current First Aid or other safety certificates. Please be aware that in positions where safety is a concern, you can be tested for drugs and alcohol.

We provide competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and a retirement plan to full-time, permanent employees.


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